I Was Doing So Good….

Honestly, I was so excited to get into the rhythm of updating my site. A new post a week, all that was becoming a thing. I have about two dozen, if not a bit more, posts I’ve started and just need to finish. I just love the concept of writing and updating the site. It really lets me get the creativity out of my system. But, things changed. In September of 2022 I’d gotten word that my mom’s current living situation wasn’t sustainable and she was at risk of “things” getting worse. Sadly, I was informed, that my family had […]

Looking Forward

Today is not the date this post is published on, it is in fact the end of June. I’ve been reading the latest news about the US Supreme Courts ruling on Roe vs Wade. I’ve researched the actual ruling and read the current ruling. I’ve went through various comments, and articles, from both sides. What keeps rolling through my mind is: What is next? How do we fix this? What is this? And it is kind of in that order too. With so many things lately going on in the US, to some of us — on both sides — […]

Being Heard

Use your voice! No, I’m not talking about going around and screaming at people, though that alone can feel mighty refreshing at times. What I’m really talking about is … what I’m doing here. This is my voice, my thoughts, my rants, and my take on our world. You should never feel afraid to speak up, say something, talk on a topic that you are either concerned with or interested in. I think the worst thing in life, for anyone, is being invisible. People can easily vanish from someone’s perspective. And in some cases, it might be a good thing. […]

Writing Marathon

My goal was to get June caught up. I missed three posts and I was determined to bring things current. I have lots of drafts started, some further along than others. I found a couple posts mostly done and got them finished. Excuse the typos, I tried to double and triple check them, but I’m sure I missed several. If you didn’t catch them, here are the ones I added: Programmers are Lazy My Kids are Sick! Mounts in Games I also went ahead and created the post to end off the month of June. Another post I started and […]

Mob Voting

I recently saw an meme that said something like, “Vote Blue No Matter What” and a soccer ball hitting the person’s face with Biden’s name on it. Are you fucking kidding me? We elected Dumb Shit who shouldn’t have ever been President only because, Republicans only know how to vote as a mob. Heck, just watch our Congress. Republican’s only vote as a single collective unit on anything. If one strays from the pack, they are quickly removed and/or reprimanded by other Republicans for breaking the “bro code”. Democrats, on the other hand, you can’t put two of them in […]

Mounts in Games

If you aren’t a gamer, this little chat is probably not your cup of tea. For those who do game, you might find this interesting. Mounts. There is a game I actually really enjoy playing, but can’t stand logging into. The reason is simple. No mounts. The developers have now said that they will be adding them at a later date, the world is to small to warrant them being included at this time. Basically, they are saying, as they expand the world, then they’ll add it. Game designers … I really think they are cut from the same stock. […]

My Kids are Sick!

I love children, I’d always hoped to have kids (somehow) when I was younger. Being gay, I really wasn’t sure how that would ever come to be, but it was a dream. Since I’ve moved into the later years of my life, I’ve come to the realization, kids are probably not going to happen in this life time. I’m okay with that. A bit sad that I didn’t get to pass on all this scary knowledge, nor these incredibly odd beliefs, but okay in general that pretty much this website will probably be my lasting repository. As for others who […]

Programmers Are Lazy

I’m one of those people who really loves to program. There is just something, almost exhilarating, about writing a bit of code and having it do something. I’m sure it is the same for any one doing something creative, but I think programmers get a bad rap at times because … well … I don’t really know why. Programming is done in dark dank areas, far removed from anyone. Usually the programmer is head down in their code, only taking a moment to get another slice of pizza, or open a new can of pop. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve […]

No Post Wednesday

My goal is to have something new to post every week. I was doing really well, up until today. Mind you, I have a slew of started drafts on one rant or another, I just get side tracked and have never finished them yet. So, instead of my weekly dribble, I’m just going to post this instead. I’ll sit down and get more of my thoughts typed up, but right now, I’m actually having fun on a little side project that I’ve kind of wanted to do for almost 30 years. I’m close to getting it there, so I don’t […]