Something Pretty

As I wandered upstairs I found this stunning arrangement of flowers that Scott put together from the yard outside. That lead me on a merry journey around the house, snapping pictures of it as I tried to find the best way to show case such a lovely display. He put together something that wasn’t this overloaded collection of whimsy. It wasn’t something trying to push any event or agenda. The presentation was just a few branches, a strand or two from a bush just starting to blossom. As I gazed at it, the assortment filled my mind with images of […]

Marijuana & Alcohol

Let me be clear, I don’t have an issue with Marijuana. I have an issue with anything that can become an addiction or cause an addictive behavior. Alcohol, same thing. I, like many others, have a drink now and then, but I refuse to tolerate the addictive side to it. And that is what bothers me about this and many other substances. Before we go to far, let me just state something that isn’t probably obvious. This does create a lot of angst and duplicity in myself. I can only imagine how my friends view it. The flipside to my […]

Angry vs Walking Away

There is a saying, ‘pick your battles’. I … kind of … think this is a good saying. Isn’t there another saying that might go along the lines of, ‘plan your battles and chose when to engage’? That I think follows more along with how I go about things. These question started floating around my head a few days ago. It was brought on when I was interacting with a coworker who is one of those always happy people, nothing phases them, they’re always upbeat, and they always just take everything in stride. I, generally, enjoy people like that. But […]

Who Reads This Stuff?

Heck if I know, and to be honest, I don’t think anyone does. But, I so enjoy jotting my thoughts down and putting out the ideas of the things going on in my head. In a way it can also be seen as a therapy. It gives me a chance to look back and see what I was thinking. And yes, it can be very much like a journal (which I do maintain elsewhere on this site — ‘maintain’ being a very subjective word in this instance). Then there is the active art of just writing and trying to make […]

Gay Marriage Around the World

I found this nifty little graphic on some site or another, I thought I’d borrow it and share. It is very interesting and nicely done. If I could find the author for the colorization, I’d credit them. The original graphic comes from the Pew Research Center website. I did look up the sources and verified that the information was accurate. I also ran across another interesting article from the same research group that I thought I’d share. A global breakdown of all the countries where gay marriage is legal. It has a nice alphabetical break down for each location and […]

War in Ukraine

First and foremost, my heart, thoughts, and hope go out to all my friends who are involved in, or have loved ones, who are impacted by the terrible events happening in this evolving country. And that includes all of us who are left watching this tragic addition to our history that is unfolding in our world, especially in a time when these events should be below us. I can’t tell you how sad it hurts my heart to see people dealing with such a travesty when we really do have better things to focus on. When I was in high […]

The Slap

As humans, we need to evolve to keep growing. If we want to do this, we must consciously take the steps to better ourselves from what we where, to where we are going. Violence has its place, that is part of the evolution, understanding how we use that action to move ourselves, and others, is the key forward. Those in the lime light, politicians, TV and movie stars, any public figure, all have to remember — they are setting the standard and demonstrating to many others watching them of that step forward. I understand that not everyone is capable of […]

Gays in Fiction

I’m not a romance reader. I don’t have anything against romance authors, it is just not something I enjoy. However, if you ever looked at my Goodreads activity, you’d think quite the opposite. I do enjoy reading stories where the main character is gay, or in a gay relationship. Why is that? I can better relate to the story. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with straight characters, but I want to read something that immerses me in the tale that the writer has created. Sometimes, not always, it is nice to create a bond to the people being […]


While sitting here debating on what I want to do today, I decided I’d play some music. The idea just sounded like a nice thing to do. I started listening to what I had on last night. It was nice, relaxing, but I wanted something different. So, I typed in a couple ideas to the good ol’ music program I have, nothing was really calling to me. Then I decided I’d just go with one of my favorite artists. The music started playing…. I was suddenly whisked away in memories of a summer drive I took to Eastern Washington, maybe […]

Social Media

I don’t really use Facebook. Honestly, it was all those stupid games that they us to have, the constant updates from friends about making it to a new level … ugg. I know. They’re gone … or just not where I see them anymore … but it really irked me. Now days, the fact that Facebook wants to show things in the order it thinks I want to see it, not in the way I want to read things … that just makes the whole thing fowl to me. Again, I know, you can go and click the link each […]