Lately (aka the past several years), I have been brought into conversations where someone says something like, “You need to be well travelled to really understand [a perspective],” or “Those who are well travelled have a better grasp on what is happening [in the world or around them],” or “Until you’ve been to allot of places around the world [“well-travelled”] you can’t fully understand [some topic or another]”. Having a better idea of everything around you is always a good idea. Especially if you plan on educating others about whatever that idea is. But just because someone has travelled to […]

Northern California Road Trip

I love road trips. I can be in a car for hours, the world zipping by through the window. I still have my grand idea to drive from West to East Coast, I’ve even got the route planned. Someday I’ll do that one. I’ll try to post the route one of these days and see if anyone has suggestions. However, when ever I run across a new and interesting route, I try to add it to my list. I saw this one pop up in some feed, or another, and had to add it to my list. The parks and […]