Mob Voting

I recently saw an meme that said something like, “Vote Blue No Matter What” and a soccer ball hitting the person’s face with Biden’s name on it. Are you fucking kidding me? We elected Dumb Shit who shouldn’t have ever been President only because, Republicans only know how to vote as a mob. Heck, just watch our Congress. Republican’s only vote as a single collective unit on anything. If one strays from the pack, they are quickly removed and/or reprimanded by other Republicans for breaking the “bro code”. Democrats, on the other hand, you can’t put two of them in […]

Social Media

I don’t really use Facebook. Honestly, it was all those stupid games that they us to have, the constant updates from friends about making it to a new level … ugg. I know. They’re gone … or just not where I see them anymore … but it really irked me. Now days, the fact that Facebook wants to show things in the order it thinks I want to see it, not in the way I want to read things … that just makes the whole thing fowl to me. Again, I know, you can go and click the link each […]


I’ve got to remember that term. I recently discovered it on Twitter while scrolling through the stuff people post. I’ve now done my third COVID test, which to some might not seem like a lot, but for me, it seems excessive. I primarily work from home, we rarely go out, we try not to expose ourselves to locations where it would be easy to spread the virus, life pretty much is boring as all. Yet, I’m still forced to get tested because some moron can’t figure it out and don’t realize the fact that they are possibly passing on the […]

$819 Billion Economic Stimulus Package

This is proof that we … you, me and everyone else in America … are asleep at the wheel: “No House Republican voted for the stimulus package, yet 244 Democrats did.” The odds that 177 people of approximately 435 would each vote identically are astronomical UNLESS all of these people are “members” of a specific group where as this would not be so uncommon. Come on everyone. I know we each have different believes, feelings and thoughts but doesn’t this remind you of something? It does me, can anyone say “High School?” This is nothing but kids playing in a […]

A Day In History … TWICE!

The first time in history, right on the most significant government website, is the future … hope … that change for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons is ahead.  AND hope that our future as a people truly will be as a united race, one race. The first President in our history to put it right there on their official outlet – not hidden, not as a quick sideline but as their plan for the future (and yes, AFTER they’ve been elected….). It’s amazing and after all these years of being an activist (more so when I was younger), […]

Never Forget…

On September 11, 2001 the United States fell under direct attack by Terrorists. 2,974 innocent people not only from the US but from all across the world were forced to depart this world by the cowardly acts of 19 misguided individuals and their co-horts and cronies on the other side of the planet. Wikipedia has an article on the subject along with this image from the Department of Justice. It shows all the victims in this tragedy. When I saw this picture, it reminded me of how important and valuable life is. Something we all have a habit of forgetting. […]