I Was Doing So Good….

Honestly, I was so excited to get into the rhythm of updating my site. A new post a week, all that was becoming a thing. I have about two dozen, if not a bit more, posts I’ve started and just need to finish. I just love the concept of writing and updating the site. It really lets me get the creativity out of my system. But, things changed. In September of 2022 I’d gotten word that my mom’s current living situation wasn’t sustainable and she was at risk of “things” getting worse. Sadly, I was informed, that my family had […]

Marijuana & Alcohol

Let me be clear, I don’t have an issue with Marijuana. I have an issue with anything that can become an addiction or cause an addictive behavior. Alcohol, same thing. I, like many others, have a drink now and then, but I refuse to tolerate the addictive side to it. And that is what bothers me about this and many other substances. Before we go to far, let me just state something that isn’t probably obvious. This does create a lot of angst and duplicity in myself. I can only imagine how my friends view it. The flipside to my […]

War in Ukraine

First and foremost, my heart, thoughts, and hope go out to all my friends who are involved in, or have loved ones, who are impacted by the terrible events happening in this evolving country. And that includes all of us who are left watching this tragic addition to our history that is unfolding in our world, especially in a time when these events should be below us. I can’t tell you how sad it hurts my heart to see people dealing with such a travesty when we really do have better things to focus on. When I was in high […]

Patrick – Drama – Change

While listening to the radio during the morning commute to work the broadcaster brought up something that had me stop and think.  He was reading an article from the National Enquirer (you know the big gossip rag here in the US) which had some article on the front page about Patrick Swayze and his fight with cancer.  Basically the headline under the picture of Patrick said something like, “The End”. The broadcaster continued to comment about how sad it was that the Enquirer would do such a piece and use a headline that is so blatantly depressing and in overly […]

Never Forget…

On September 11, 2001 the United States fell under direct attack by Terrorists. 2,974 innocent people not only from the US but from all across the world were forced to depart this world by the cowardly acts of 19 misguided individuals and their co-horts and cronies on the other side of the planet. Wikipedia has an article on the subject along with this image from the Department of Justice. It shows all the victims in this tragedy. When I saw this picture, it reminded me of how important and valuable life is. Something we all have a habit of forgetting. […]