Simple Shelving Idea

I love this. Both in it’s simplicity and for how it can turn an area into something different with just a few quick movements. You also have to give it credit for being super easy. Anyone could put this up in a matter of a few minutes. TikTok Link:

Ideas Abound And…

I have a new idea for the site, one that seems fitting for me these past 10 years but alas, like so many, I haven’t the time or energy to work on it. I’ve started the rough sketch of my idea and keep dwelling on it but then that seems to be about as far as I can get. Perhaps this year will be different, I’d so much like to breath new life into my site. I miss it much, years ago you couldn’t pull me away from web design and playing with the latest new things when it came […]

A Website?

I love my website, I really do. I love the look, the feel and the presence but with all the other social media out there – what do you do with a personal website? Well, that and trying to keep up with both – do I post this on Facebook, on Twitter, on my website? Heck with Dropbox and Google Docs you don’t even need a website to host files. I just don’t know what to do with my personal website right now so it sits a bit dormant. I still want to flesh out a few things which are […] Cool Feature

I stumbled across a cool little feature on Amazon that everyone should check out. If you are a regular member, you’ll know about the wish lists you can create. Well, while trying to figure out how to mark some music I wanted, I stumbled across the coolest little thing they are offering. It’s called a “Universal Wish List“. In essence, you drag this little shortcut onto your browser’s toolbar and then go surfing. When you find something you just would love to have but you aren’t sure about spending the money … click the new little “Add to Wish List” […]

Donate Please…

Every year I donate to the Human Society and in times of crisis such as the flooding happening in Iowa (and other locations) I’ll add to my donation. This year I couldn’t do as much but I sent them a bit extra to help out the rescue efforts of people’s beloved pets. Take a moment and send them a donation, even if it is just $5. I always think of myself and how I’d fight to save my pets lives if something like this happened but I also think of people like my Mom who has two dogs and two […]