Writing Marathon

My goal was to get June caught up. I missed three posts and I was determined to bring things current. I have lots of drafts started, some further along than others. I found a couple posts mostly done and got them finished. Excuse the typos, I tried to double and triple check them, but I’m sure I missed several.

If you didn’t catch them, here are the ones I added:

Programmers are Lazy

My Kids are Sick!

Mounts in Games

I also went ahead and created the post to end off the month of June. Another post I started and … actually finished, but never put online:

Mob Voting

This month, I’m hoping to post some news on a project I’ve been working on. I’d also like to mention one of the new games that has taken over myself and other friends lives. We are reaching the end of the game, a shocking feat for me as I tend to get bored after a while. But we are so close, we can’t stop. Plus this game holds lots of promise for an expansion and growth, it will be fun to wait for the next installment.

The game is called V Rising, a new game that came out last month and is very much like Valheim. Which we tried but grew bored of after the first boss fight. V Rising, the graphics are a bit nicer, the movement cleaner. I wish the map was more random, but the game has a feel to it that makes it enjoyable and less grindy. The boss fights are fun, they are different, challenging, sometimes amusing, and most importantly, we can win them with a bit of effort. I’m not a fan of the ability not to progress without defeating the next boss, but the story provides for this and makes it worth it as the rewards are both helpful and fun.

The other piece of V Rising that I’m enjoying is the base building. Again, it’s not perfect, it is a flat design with a weird ability to build up the side of mountains. Unlike other games, they give you lots of deco stuff to build with and I think that really ads so much to a game when you sometimes just want to putz around.

If you are interested in playing, we have our own server setup. You can find out more on my Discord server.

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