Writing Marathon

My goal was to get June caught up. I missed three posts and I was determined to bring things current. I have lots of drafts started, some further along than others. I found a couple posts mostly done and got them finished. Excuse the typos, I tried to double and triple check them, but I’m sure I missed several. If you didn’t catch them, here are the ones I added: Programmers are Lazy My Kids are Sick! Mounts in Games I also went ahead and created the post to end off the month of June. Another post I started and […]

Mounts in Games

If you aren’t a gamer, this little chat is probably not your cup of tea. For those who do game, you might find this interesting. Mounts. There is a game I actually really enjoy playing, but can’t stand logging into. The reason is simple. No mounts. The developers have now said that they will be adding them at a later date, the world is to small to warrant them being included at this time. Basically, they are saying, as they expand the world, then they’ll add it. Game designers … I really think they are cut from the same stock. […]


Lately (aka the past several years), I have been brought into conversations where someone says something like, “You need to be well travelled to really understand [a perspective],” or “Those who are well travelled have a better grasp on what is happening [in the world or around them],” or “Until you’ve been to allot of places around the world [“well-travelled”] you can’t fully understand [some topic or another]”. Having a better idea of everything around you is always a good idea. Especially if you plan on educating others about whatever that idea is. But just because someone has travelled to […]

Conan Exiles Server

We’re at it again. If anyone is interested, we have a new Conan Exiles server setup with just a few mods (aka, several mods). If you are up for the adventure, don’t hesitate to let me know, either here, or join my Discord server (a link is at the bottom of my website). We have a pretty relaxed setup, super-maxed levels. It’s more for the deco and socializing than anything else. We are hoping that Funcom, or a good modder, will add in server transfers like ARK so we can bounce to new and different maps. And if you’ve played […]