Writing Marathon

My goal was to get June caught up. I missed three posts and I was determined to bring things current. I have lots of drafts started, some further along than others. I found a couple posts mostly done and got them finished. Excuse the typos, I tried to double and triple check them, but I’m sure I missed several. If you didn’t catch them, here are the ones I added: Programmers are Lazy My Kids are Sick! Mounts in Games I also went ahead and created the post to end off the month of June. Another post I started and […]

No Post Wednesday

My goal is to have something new to post every week. I was doing really well, up until today. Mind you, I have a slew of started drafts on one rant or another, I just get side tracked and have never finished them yet. So, instead of my weekly dribble, I’m just going to post this instead. I’ll sit down and get more of my thoughts typed up, but right now, I’m actually having fun on a little side project that I’ve kind of wanted to do for almost 30 years. I’m close to getting it there, so I don’t […]

Who Reads This Stuff?

Heck if I know, and to be honest, I don’t think anyone does. But, I so enjoy jotting my thoughts down and putting out the ideas of the things going on in my head. In a way it can also be seen as a therapy. It gives me a chance to look back and see what I was thinking. And yes, it can be very much like a journal (which I do maintain elsewhere on this site — ‘maintain’ being a very subjective word in this instance). Then there is the active art of just writing and trying to make […]

Face Lift!

The website has gotten a face lift and an upgrade.  I still have more work to do and lots of clean up, the typo’s and spelling errors are terrible.  Since I’ve started to do some work on other WordPress sites, I thought it might be helpful to upgrade my own site to the format.  I wasn’t sure at first but I’m actually liking the system more and more.  Admittedly, that could simply be me getting to do something different for a change…

Alive and Kicking…

It’s been over a year since I updated this area. I think I had a bug and just never the time to fix it. That hasn’t stopped me from updating the site, I am always trying to do new things and yesterday I added in some handy Facebook, Twitter and Lord of the Rings Online contact buttons on the footer of the main site. One of my big web goals this coming year is to redo the forums, I want to change their purpose a bit. But I have several other sites I work on, either mine or others and […]

Website Updated!

I’ve finally gotten my site upgraded! It only took two years – the first 18 months was spent trying to find a look that I liked. That only ended when I realized, I already had a look I liked! My real goal was to just make it easier to maintain. Done! The site was transferred over to a brand new management system which I am more than pleased with. So far, there’s only a few minor new things as I am still working out a few bugs. I’ve gotten loads to clean up in lots of places and well … […]


Never heard of it? Neither had I but it’s the latest craze on the web. What is it? Well, it’s a nifty little tool that lets you write tiny little blurbs about your day, all day long. It works both on the site, over your phone or through little programs. I’m still debating it but it’s fun so far. It’s all about just knowing what is going on with you and your friends between calls, blog posts, emails and so on. I created me an account, I’m posting now and then … if anyone has one or wants to try […]

Six Months

I’m still here and still kicking.  It’s been awhile since I updated my site with new and fresh material but that’s not to say I haven’t been collecting it. Yet … that also doesn’t mean I’m going to be adding it over night. But who knows, I might get a wild hair and just sit here updating, its happened before. I will say that I am hoping to spend a bit more time on the site over the coming months and adding/updating areas. For one, my kittens which are now 1 year old needs some new pictures. The autobiography which […]

Forums Turn 1

Wow, it was exactly a year ago that I installed the forums on to my site.   Yeah I know they haven’t been the greatest new thing on the planet and I have yet to finish some of the goals I had planned for them but they do have some very interesting things hidden away in their depths. For all those who have been a part of the forums and continue to check in now and then, thanks. For those still debating, as you can see no one has been harmed or maimed in the process so we are still […]