Looking Forward

Today is not the date this post is published on, it is in fact the end of June. I’ve been reading the latest news about the US Supreme Courts ruling on Roe vs Wade. I’ve researched the actual ruling and read the current ruling. I’ve went through various comments, and articles, from both sides.

What keeps rolling through my mind is: What is next? How do we fix this? What is this? And it is kind of in that order too.

With so many things lately going on in the US, to some of us — on both sides — it seems unfathomable that the other side doesn’t get it. It seems pretty obvious to me what is wrong, and why it is wrong. So, why does the other side see it differently. It should be a no brainer, so why are these people clueless?

Well, stop and consider their views. Being truthful, they are saying the exact same thing about me, why don’t I get it, why don’t I see what is right in front of my face. And once you take out your own emotionally charged feelings, you have to admit, they have a point! Not who is right or wrong, simply that their perspective is valid.

And that leads me to another question, “Who really is to blame for this?” First, remember, this is not about Roe vs Wade, this is about why huge swatches of Americans have such radically different views from one another. And yes, all countries and segments of our population will have varying views on any given topic, but I’m really focusing on this utter hatred that is flowing through the veins of the American population. This is hate on the magnitude of some of the worst atrocities in our world. People in America are so divided that violence isn’t just shouting matches or heated debates, it is flowing into physical violence, down right knives, guns, and fits.

Is America going to be added (again) to the the list of worst offenses done to human kind? We are already on their a couple times, could we make it a third in what some call this modern age?

How do we, as a people, fix this? How do we make this better? How do we not keep going down this slippery slope? I know many of you feel that voting and putting the right people in power is your answer. But to be honest, it isn’t enough. It’s also down right taking the lazy route. Why do something yourself, when you can mark a name on a ballot and have them deal with it?

We, as people, have to stand up and start stepping forward. We have to make our own single voices heard especially in these locations where hate is growing and thriving (kind of reminds me of a season of Stranger Things). And yes, that means confronting — the dreaded word so many try to avoid — family, friends, associates, and anyone we interact with to let them know, their decisions are impacting someone in their life.

When was the last time you had a conversation with a relative in Texarkana, Arkansas about women’s rights, gay rights, or separation of church and state? Do people even realize, that some of those who hail from this little area and now live on the east or west coasts of America and they’ve never told their family or relatives about themselves, their true self and their views on life since moving?

Case in point: I have relatives in areas like this. They are big on pushing the word of God. A couple of my nieces wanted to friend me on Facebook. That started a conversation with them about me being gay and that I have a hard time dealing with people who think I should be washed under a rug for who I am. I was not about to friend them, nor share in that part of my life, but after some talking, they did admit they didn’t get it, but they didn’t harbor any ill feelings towards me or those in my life. Okay. Bridge crossed. I grudgingly friended them. I think it was a couple years ago, I noticed that one of them had updated their picture to include a gay flag. I couldn’t have been prouder!

I wandered on to their timeline and was horrified. They where being attacked by all sorts of people for displaying the flag. I felt awful for them and messaged them to give them support and tell them how much I appreciated their gesture. As I went back to read their reply, low and behold, others had started posting their support for them and countering the hate from others. Before I knew it, perspectives had been updated, and though it might not have been like a wave hitting the shores of one of our coastal cities, it was clear that my voice, my time confronting someone in my life, had an impact on many others … people that I didn’t even know.

To those who live in these locations where we see hate growing, they are seeing just the opposite, hate growing from the coastal areas of America. The heathens who haven’t repent, or people who aren’t thinking of their family and the importance of life that every red blooded American should be always aware of. And that’s the problem. Their perspective and our perspective are just as valid. Sure, they grew up that way, they learned those behaviors, but so have we.

You and I learned our beliefs based off those around us. Our friends and family we’ve created, or been adopted into, on the east and west coasts of America. It’s no different from those living in the middle of the United States. So, now, who’s fault is this? It’s ours. Until we decided to step up and start letting those we know in these, what we consider hate filled portions of America, that we are valid … we are actually are part of their family, the hate will continue. It will grow. And either it’s going to end with a revolution or an atrocity, that will be our next step. Either are deadly and both terribly destructive.

Write a letter, make a phone call, start a text conversation, create a post on your favorite social media site, do something directed at those in these locations that you feel need to be aware, “you do exist,” and their actions are hurting you. That their actions are hurting you, your friends, and your family. They may need a reminder that they do know someone who is in this class of citizen they see as bad. You might find some people are so unaware that their values are hurting someone that they care about, that they will then speak up for you, to others. And maybe … then … we’ll see this hate that is brewing and bubbling return to a simmer, and eventually fade back into the background where it should have never have been allowed to grow.

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