Mob Voting

I recently saw an meme that said something like, “Vote Blue No Matter What” and a soccer ball hitting the person’s face with Biden’s name on it.

Are you fucking kidding me?

We elected Dumb Shit who shouldn’t have ever been President only because, Republicans only know how to vote as a mob. Heck, just watch our Congress. Republican’s only vote as a single collective unit on anything. If one strays from the pack, they are quickly removed and/or reprimanded by other Republicans for breaking the “bro code”.

Democrats, on the other hand, you can’t put two of them in the same bag without it turning into a squabble about the topic being discussed. They can find the weirdest and silliest things to quibble over. Hillary would have been President had Democrats voted like Republicans. But because Democrats use their voice as individuals, the vote got split.

How many Democrat senators will vote in favor of laws and decisions that Republicans support? Several to many. Reverse that and Republicans will vote with only one, maybe two, of them in opposition. Those naysayers know that they risk their own political careers to vote alongside Democrats or just in opposition to their fellow Republicans.

It’s bullshit to say Democrats vote blue, no matter what. That is an uneducated, blind statement, made to create conflict and doubt. People who believe this need to stop being a childish baby and grow the fuck up. Republicans need to vote based off what their constitutes elected them to do, not what other party members are doing. This isn’t high school, this is our nation. It was founded because we didn’t want one collective unit telling us what to do, yet our Republican idiots seem to think we need a new King or Queen running this country.

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