Working From Home

I’m a huge proponent for working from home. Prior to my current job, for years I was a consultant and worked exclusively from home. When the pandemic thing hit, all those years of working in a home office flooded back. For me, it was a breath of fresh air. However, I’d also been more aware of how to function and interact with people from years of prior experience. Now days, it is even easier with technology — web cams didn’t exist like they do today (20 plus years ago). Heck the idea of Zoom, Teams, and other services like that […]

BBC News About America….

I’m sorry, America sucks when it comes to media coverage. I have gotten into a new habit of reading the news which I am slowly trying to stop myself from doing. Lately I have been reading the various papers online locally and across the nation. I might stop on one or two articles, the tomato problem was one and the other was about the toddler who was beaten to death. Then I ventured over to the BBC and found better written and far more relevant news, I was totally appalled at the dog who was killed by a street sweeper. […]