Quick Draw Tex

My mind goes so fast sometimes.  All the information that seems to constantly be flowing in to me from all sources just never seems to let up.  As I sit here debating on the idea of going to bed earlier, watching TV or just writing (of which I am doing), my mind seems to be racing ahead.  I’d probably make a great novelist of I could bottle this data flow and write it all out. I finally got the look of my web site setup.  I’m pretty pleased with it though I think it needs a splash bit more color.  […]

The End of a Novel

Those in my life mean everything to me. I’d do anything I could do to help them reach their goals, their passions, their desires. Sometimes, that means that I have to step aside. I need to back away and let the world and others replace me. Sometimes, they need a new teacher, a new guide and my journey through their life has or will come to an end. It’s a wondrous feeling knowing that I have helped someone get to a new stage in their life yet at the same time, a sad and depressing moment to know that sooner […]

Passing Thoughts

One of the great benefits of my nifty gifts is the constant awareness of those I care about.  The unfortunate part is that sometimes this awareness can have a nasty bite attached.  I rarely forget things, events and people.  Those who have impacted my life, either good or bad, leave a memory.  Those whom I cared for, I tend to create bonds with.  Perhaps it is my own little way to always have them around when they aren’t near.  The only problem being, that once they are no longer part of my life – the bond still exists. As it […]

Men in Trucks

Lately things have been heating up.  By that, I mean, signs are showing themselves to me.  Today, I went outside at work to take a break and try to think through a problem I was trying to figure out.  When I got to my normal little place where I took my smoke break, there was this large blue 4×4 newish truck parked in one of the closet parking stalls. I didn’t think much of it at first and went about my business.  I glanced over and noticed this movement in the bottom center of the drivers window.  This was a […]

February Almost….

{{journal_mood confused}} {{journal_location At Work … WAITING …}} For the past several weeks, almost a month I have been feeling very burnt out. I’m not sure why, everything has been fine. Hell, even the holidays passed with relative ease yet I just have felt so drained and unmotivated. Yet, all of a sudden, my energy returned in a bolt and I am feeling myself. How long will this last? I’m not sure but I wanted to take advantage of it and hence, a journal entry. First, I think the burnt out feeling is just the overwhelming amount of change at […]

A Toast – 2008!

Another year down and many more to go. Despite what anyone says, 2007 was a good year. Hell, it was a thousand times better than 2006. Was it what I had hoped? Not really but it was close. So, what do you have planned for 2008? No, I am not talking about those “resolutions” we all set but what are the highlights for another year that you hope will transpire. For me, I have a huge project I have been working on that I really hope will see the light of day sometime mid-year. And, that each of my friends […]

Title Goes Here

{{journal_mood weird}} {{journal_location Debating the reason for using computers….}} It’s Monday and I am tired. Well, not tired but more out of sorts. This week is a nifty three day week because of Turkey Day, perhaps that is why I am feeling odd. Right at the moment it just feels like time is ever so slowly ticking by. The morning started off with me breaking my server at home. I didn’t really break it, just some updates from last week where causing problems and it felt like everything I was doing to fix it, yet keep the solution working, was […]

Monday … Monday … Monday!

{{journal_mood aggravated}} {{journal_location At work, with a headache and ready to….}} Ugg! Monday’s suck, which is sad because it didn’t suck about an hour ago. I was in a good mood, kind of surprised with how well I was able to get up this morning despite having been woken up around 1:30am because of a stomach ache and then having two cats who think it’s play time for the next 45 minutes…. But, as I sit down and start reading my email at work, the "nifty" sounds of my stupid and very dumb boss snap me back to the unhappy […]

Journal Move….

{{journal_mood chipper}} {{journal_location Listening to Budha Building – Acoustic Signatures}} Boy Wonder ran across this new little program that lets you put a journal on pretty much any site. After a bit of tweaking and modification, I managed to get it on my site. I liked it so much, I went and transcribed every journal entry I had on "the other site" to this one. I’m really happy about that, I’ve never really liked having my story on someone else’s site. It’s just weird. So, a new journal begins. Not so much a new chapter just new software, picking up […]


{{journal_mood pleased}} I haven’t updated this in a while and I figured now was as good a time as any. I’m actually in Utah right at this moment. I came up to see Hermes whom I have always wanted to hang out with for a long time. Its been a great trip so far and I doubt it will turn any other direction. Boy Wonder and I made the trek via car covering about a 900 miles in a little over eight hours and man what a trip that was. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. I drove the […]