{{journal_mood blah}} I haven’t updated this thing in a while. Life is good but a bit busy. I wish I could say work has been treating me well but as usual it hasn’t. I suppose if you say I am still employed then work is treating me well, that may be correct but there is more to working then being employed. But I’m not here to chat about that, I actually have something else that I noticed about myself this weekend. And, as usual, I’m not sure what to think of it. A while back I created a classified ad […]

Personal Ads

{{journal_mood confused}} Uggg…. What am I doing? I put a freaking personal online WITH pictures. That really isn’t me, or maybe it is me and I didn’t know it. So far the results have been less than interesting. I honestly just am looking for people to talk with, nothing more right now. I just am tired of feeling so very alone and though I have some great friends, I kind of wish I could flirt or open up about things on the "gay" side of me, the otherside of me. Backseat and probably even Bare Foot is the only one […]

Latter Days

{{journal_mood hopeful}} It’s funny how watching something like a movie can bring about memories that are well over 10 years gone. If you haven’t seen the movie "Latter Days", I highly recommend it. An incredible gay flick with some well know actors and actually something of a budget. It was refreshing in that aspect but it brought up memories of a Lost Love. I’ve written about him before and even have some stuff dedicated to him so if you’ve kept up, you’ll remember him. After all these years I can still feel his touch, see his smile, remember his voice […]

Been A Long Time…

{{journal_mood energetic}} {{journal_location Office Hell}} Strange things happen in your mind when you don’t do something that is very common to you for a very long time. Odd statement? Perhaps it is but it sums up my feelings Saturday evening. I’ve been busy trying to upgrade my server at home, prepare for some projects I am working on, fighting these sometimes helpful things we call … computers and dealing with the latest drama that it seems only my life can provide. I use NetFlix to get all my movies, which I have had long before they where even NetFlix. What […]

Year 2007, Date … Today.

{{journal_mood calm}} It’s funny how I go through periods where I don’t update this thing. As always, it’s not that I don’t want to, it is more that I have a million and one other things floating around in this odd mind of mine and put it off. That or I am stressing and not in the mood to write down my thoughts. It’s rather hard to say some days. The last few weeks have been interesting and somewhat exciting. Seattle finally got snow and it was a nice break for the most part. Having my car stranded down the […]

The Last Starfighter

{{journal_mood melancholy}} I’m sitting here watching "The Last Starfighter" which first appeared in 1984 and is one of those okay sci-fi movies. For some reason, I consider it one of my favorites. Perhaps it’s because Lance Guest who plays Alex (the main character) was cute back when I first saw it, I’ve always had a crush on him. It’s funny though, when I saw it coming on tonight, I had to hit the record button and decided I would sit back and watch it yet again (probably hitting my 25 or so viewings). It is kind of weird though, as […]

OMG … wait, hold the clock!

{{journal_mood determined}} I was just re-reading my last journal entry and realized I wanted to add someone to the ongoing story of my life but had zoned it when I wrote the previous entry. So first, we need a name … hmmm … she’s an incredible person and deserves something clever … let’s see. I got it, a bit of French here (which I don’t know and had to look up) Ms. Tracassé. I like that, I hope it doesn’t have some ‘really’ strange slang translation but then I’ve yet to have to rename someone in the journal so we’ll […]

2007 OMFG NO!

{{journal_mood bitchy}} I just had to make that the title of this entry. Actually I am unconcerned nor even thinking about the New Year. It’s just another day … at least that is how it feels to me. So Christmas is over with. I am actually surprised at how it went. It really wasn’t that depressing this year … sorta. It got kind of sad Christmas Eve as all our neighbors had friends over and it seemed parties where everywhere. That felt a bit weird being home alone and no one to share the moment with. But I went for […]


{{journal_mood content}} {{journal_location My new office and it’s all clean for a change!}} I survived … I did it … I came through only battered and bruised, slightly aged and perhaps with a few new gray hairs. Speaking of which, I am finally showing signs of going bald. That took sometime, my dad went bald when he was a teenager and my younger brother got hit with it when he was in his late twenties. So as I reach forty, it’s finally decided to hit me. The only part that bothers me is that it’s a slow process and either […]

A Boat Load of Monkeys

{{journal_mood blah}} Well, ok. I didn’t expect anything different but I had hope. Ah well, hope is what lets you survive. So, another Thanksgiving done and gone. Another holiday turned in to misery finished. Christmas is next and then New Years. I have to admit, I kind of floated through Turkey Day without much thought. I just kept myself busy and putzed around on what ever seemed to cross my path. I’m not sure how I feel right now. I’m kind of trying to figure that one out. I am wondering if I’m suppressing my emotions or I am just […]