Men in Trucks

Lately things have been heating up.  By that, I mean, signs are showing themselves to me.  Today, I went outside at work to take a break and try to think through a problem I was trying to figure out.  When I got to my normal little place where I took my smoke break, there was this large blue 4×4 newish truck parked in one of the closet parking stalls.

I didn’t think much of it at first and went about my business.  I glanced over and noticed this movement in the bottom center of the drivers window.  This was a one of those tall trucks, so even though I stand 6’2″ I was about even with the bottom of the window in the door.  Every so often I’d notice this pointy, well, it looked like a dog’s ear flicking up and down.  Again, no big deal, I figured one must be sitting in the drivers seat waiting for his master.  But then I looked a tad bit closer and the drivers seat was pushed back, the head rest was showing the back window and there was a person sitting there.

Well, what the heck is that flicking motion in the center of the window.  Silly me, still doesn’t get it.  And I just ignore it until it catches my attention again and then it dawns on me….  That isn’t a dog ear, that’s some tip of a cloth and it’s not flicking back and forth, it’s moving up and down rather quickly.  The way the driver is leaned back, totally lost in thought, and how fast and that cloth is moving compared to the location of the driver and where his lap would be indicates … OH YEAH!

So what do I do?  I freeze and don’t know what to do, I want to go look closer but I’m paralyzed, I’ve heard of these things happening but it never happens to me.  And as I stand there trying to come out of my daze the driver catches me and quickly moves his seat forward, mucks around down where his crotch would be and then quickly starts the truck and backs out and then races out of the parking lot.

And let me tell you, he was cute!  I finally catch my breath and head back in pissed off that I had missed the whole show and once again got stuck analyzing everything instead of just enjoying.

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