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It’s Monday and I am tired. Well, not tired but more out of sorts. This week is a nifty three day week because of Turkey Day, perhaps that is why I am feeling odd. Right at the moment it just feels like time is ever so slowly ticking by.

The morning started off with me breaking my server at home. I didn’t really break it, just some updates from last week where causing problems and it felt like everything I was doing to fix it, yet keep the solution working, was going no where. Eventually I did resolve it but it turned in to such a hack and glue job it bugs me still. That and I think I am going to have problems when the server restarts … I’m just not in the mood to think about that. SO, it works now, I’ll deal with the rest later.

Last week was busy, lots of things at work that I needed to do simply because my boss doesn’t have the abilities to do them (well, he could do them, it would just take several years to see them completed). My big project is feeling better but still at a slow crawl. I need to work on some stuff for it but I’m currently not in the mood.

I’m really looking forward to finishing this week. Four days off will be nice and much needed. I am going to a friends of Boy Wonders for the day after Turkey Day to celebrate the season, that will be fun and I am looking forward to it. The end of December I am going to take off entirely from work. So a little over a week’s vacation will be an even nicer break.

I KNOW what it is…. It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving is Thursday. Everyone is just so blah lately. No spark of life, just the feeling that everyone is going through the motions. The excitement that is typically around this time of year seems dulled. Normally everyone is getting excited for the break but, at least around here, everyone just acts like another day.


Oh well, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes.