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I haven’t updated this in a while and I figured now was as good a time as any. I’m actually in Utah right at this moment. I came up to see Hermes whom I have always wanted to hang out with for a long time. Its been a great trip so far and I doubt it will turn any other direction. Boy Wonder and I made the trek via car covering about a 900 miles in a little over eight hours and man what a trip that was.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. I drove the entire way and am just as excited to hop in the car and head back but that is still several days away. BUT I have to admit, which you’ll only read here, I really am liking it here. Not so much Utah but the climate. It’s well over 95 degrees outside but unlike Seattle, it’s comfortable and much easier to go out and do something. In Seattle, when it gets hot, you pretty much end up a sticky mess and just don’t feel like doing much of anything. Here, your hot and sweaty but it’s far from sticky and a breeze feels like a breeze!

I’ve never actually been to Utah. This is my first trip and the scenery is wonderful. I’ve snapped a few pictures here and there, I’ll add them to my site when I get home. I haven’t setup Internet yet, there are a few spots I can pay to use but I am trying to see just how long it will take before I break down. Both Hermes and Boy Wonder are sleeping, they got up at some incredibly early hour to go FISHING! I was going to go and yes, I wanted to go but I was just to tired and couldn’t motivate myself to participate. I’m actually really enjoying it all alone right now, it’s so peaceful here (we are way outside any big city) and the break from the life of a big city with the birds chirping and wind bustling is just relaxing.

I’m not sure where I left off on my last journal entry. I can’t check without getting on the Internet and since it’s not going to kill me I will just go from memory. I don’t think I mentioned that Hershey died a couple months back. He went peacefully and in his sleep. I’m happy and sad over his departure. He is with his brother now and I know he always missed having him around. I did some soul searching and decided that I wasn’t going to let his memory and I guess you could say lessons he taught me just vanish. So after lots of thought and some real hard contemplation I found me two new kittens (they’ll be about 3 months old when I get them) and I’m excited over their arrival. Not having Hershey & Cocoa around has been difficult to say the least.

Over the past many years those two cats added so much more to my life and when Hershey moved on, I felt a huge empty place open up inside me. Primarily this was over his passing but it was also from their presence. My two new kittens will be just as loved, they aren’t a replacement but to continue the love of animals, the feeling that Hershey and Cocoa brought back in to my life. I wanted to get kittens simply because I get to grow with them and we’ll have many, many years together. We can train one another and I’ll even get to name them. Needless to say I am excited.

There isn’t much else going on besides that. Work still goes on and each day I ask myself why am I still there. I know that answer, I love the people. I really enjoy what I do I just can’t tolerate my boss much longer. Each day that goes by I get more and more frustrated with him.


And that above was written before anyone woke. I never did get to go back and finish it. Right now it’s several days later and I am back home. And yes, I have two very adorable kittens whom I have been having the time of my life with these past couple days. My vacation has been one that I will remember for a very long time. Seeing Hermes was incredible and I really wish I could have had more time to just pal around and shoot the breeze with him. It’s taken a bit of time to acclimate back to the weather in here. I’m finally getting use to it but the first day or so was a living hell. Eighty degree weather with heavy humidity from ninety five degree weather with no humidity is an incredible difference. Trust me I would like the hotter weather back but not the humidity.

So, sense I am home let’s see where I left off on the journal.


As for the personal ads thing. They are all gone. I got a few more responses from another one I tried after Ms. Tracassé started telling me about it. I honestly just wanted to try that one out because the system they had sounded interesting. Me being who I am, loves to see how others do things and so I had to setup an account of course. They do have a cool system, though it needs work, and my ad got me a few responses but in the end I closed it.

Two reasons, I’m not that desperate … contrary to anyone’s beliefs … and the other, no one is interested in looking deeper than the shallow shore to find out about anyone. This one I didn’t write to anyone because of the bad experience on the other site and the few responses I did get, well, fell short. Not in the person nor their response but because I was just tired of the whole experience. That’s probably not a good thing on my part to categorize these souls who did write me but I was just burnt out from the whole experience and didn’t want to continue.

I have to also admit that I honestly feel that if someone is to come in to my life that they will come in from knowing me in real life and not through one of these electronic means. I still think the old fashion way is better no matter how you spin the latest technology. That is not to say that these things don’t work, they do. It’s not saying that you have to be desperate to use them, you don’t. It is saying that for me, it just isn’t a good fit.

So other wise, that is my life. The kittens are a joy, you’ll have to check my site for pictures and their names. 🙂 Life moves on and in a day or so I will return to work. I’m excited to go back to work for one thing only, to chat with those I enjoy working with. I’m by no means excited to deal with my boss or the staggering workload. There are some other things that are troubling me that need dealt with and I had hoped that they would resolve themselves but as usual, I am going to have to start a holly war and add some drama to get them done. Yippie … NOT!

We’ll get to that all later. Right now I am going to enjoy my last day and a half of vacation, my two new kittens and continue on my relaxation journey.