Monday … Monday … Monday!

{{journal_mood aggravated}}

{{journal_location At work, with a headache and ready to….}}

Ugg! Monday’s suck, which is sad because it didn’t suck about an hour ago. I was in a good mood, kind of surprised with how well I was able to get up this morning despite having been woken up around 1:30am because of a stomach ache and then having two cats who think it’s play time for the next 45 minutes….

But, as I sit down and start reading my email at work, the "nifty" sounds of my stupid and very dumb boss snap me back to the unhappy reality that … he’s here and even more brainless than he was the week prior. Already he is calling for a meeting to discuss and rehash details on topics we have been hashing out for the past two months because … he has a new plan. He then has to tell me about how much bandwidth we paid extra for and slowly starts getting upset with me as I try to explain to him that the filtering was indeed doing something and blocking people. Now that this system is temporarily off we are seeing what people really do. Damn it man! He and I have had this conversation so many times it’s beyond funny. AND he’s the one who has come to that conclusion before me.

Gees. Ok, calming down.

The weekend was rather nice, no one was around much so I spent most of it relaxing. I watched TV, some movies, did a few chores and basically just did my own thing for a while. That was really nice and though I did get a bit bored now and then, the break from thinking to much was nice.

Well, that is all I got so far this morning. I haven’t calmed as much as I would have liked but it is early yet. I just wanted to start my Monday update thing off and so I have. Now back to the harsh reality of work and trying to deal with an idiot called my boss.