Year 2007, Date … Today.

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It’s funny how I go through periods where I don’t update this thing. As always, it’s not that I don’t want to, it is more that I have a million and one other things floating around in this odd mind of mine and put it off. That or I am stressing and not in the mood to write down my thoughts. It’s rather hard to say some days.

The last few weeks have been interesting and somewhat exciting. Seattle finally got snow and it was a nice break for the most part. Having my car stranded down the hill the first day was incredibly stressful and took most of the fun away. But, once I had that taken care of things turned more fun. Now I just wish it would have lasted longer though work … well, I should say … my boss didn’t find it fun.

I’m finding that as each day progresses through this "New Year" I am counting the days until I can tell my current job good-bye and thanks for all the … well, that’s just it … all the what? I’ve grown so sour of my job and how my boss treats everyone that it’s taken most all the fun out of being a part of a company that in reality I truly enjoy. He has gone from someone who had basically kind of wandered in and out of the day, sometimes providing some fun, a challenge and moments of stress to – constant nagging and bother. It’s very evident that he is worried about things that don’t exist; even my co-workers seemed stumped at his constant mood and anger levels. It really does feel like there is more going on with him in a personal, non-work related way, than anything else. But alas, we may never know what that is since he keeps it all hidden away and now simply boils over with quick judgment calls and unreasonable, almost, paranoid requests. Add to that, his current new attitude is do what he thinks is best no matter how it affects us BUT those rules don’t apply to him and he though we noticeably stressed by these new rules he is completely oblivious.

So my days are numbered … finally. And yes I have a plan and one I am working very hard at making sure it goes off without a hitch. This time next year I hope to have departed my current job and started on my new journey. If not, then it’s only because I need the pay check. Sad for me but a true statement of how things are going.

On other fronts, I’m terribly busy working on this new project that I keep eluding too. Things are progressing along nicely though I am a bit worried about Hermes involvement. I know I went through some bad moments a while back but times a tick’n and I’m going to move forward while I have the chance. Hopefully Hermes will continue to be a part of it since it was half his idea.

Dazzle is still away and though he was suppose to be back, things turned very sour for him at home. His family basically back stabbed him at the last minute and they are trying to take everything he has done away. He was very upset last I talked to him; I hope he is resolving it. I am worried about him; his country is not a pleasant place and has seen better times. It seems vigilante attitudes are common there and if he doesn’t watch out for himself things may not go well.

The financial front that seemed like a led break weighing me down has finally subsided. I can’t say I am doing well but I have recovered. However, with Dazzle not coming back and many things still in his name, along with bills he can’t pay that I may have to worry about, this may all change. I’m really worried about that side of the future plate I am planning ahead. Right now is not the time to be stressing about money, I have so many things in motion and that will be a huge burden. But then that is life and I’ll just keep moving forward regardless as I have so many times before.

I have been living in computer hell though. I have a great need to upgrade my network at home … badly. My house server is on its last leg and needs redone. So I found some nice systems, old but nice, on eBay and they have just not gone well. The first server I bought had problems so I bought another just like it; the replacement then had the same problems. I’ve spent almost two weeks trying to figure out what is wrong with them and I’m hoping that I finally got that solved. The problem with intermittent problems on computers is making sure they are really fixed. That is where I am at right now, waiting to see if the system crashes again or my latest fix, really did resolve my issues with them.

So that’s the update, kind of scattered at the moment but its all good. I’m sure I missed some things such as Bare Foot is pregnant AGAIN! But that’s another story for another day.