OMG … wait, hold the clock!

{{journal_mood determined}}

I was just re-reading my last journal entry and realized I wanted to add someone to the ongoing story of my life but had zoned it when I wrote the previous entry. So first, we need a name … hmmm … she’s an incredible person and deserves something clever … let’s see. I got it, a bit of French here (which I don’t know and had to look up) Ms. Tracass√©.

I like that, I hope it doesn’t have some ‘really’ strange slang translation but then I’ve yet to have to rename someone in the journal so we’ll see how it goes. And why am I adding Ms. Tracass√© to the journal? Well, that’s easy. She’s been floating in and out of my life for the past six years and though it’s only been recently we have spent a bit more time chatting and getting to know one another, I have found a new someone that I enjoy having around and hope to have around for some time.

Well, that and the truly uniqueness of her personality and spirit … those are always the big ticket items for me. Anyway, year end is almost here and I’m sure I should be up to something. I just wanted to get this last little update in before I forget.

P.S. The mood setting is for other things going on right now but I’ll probably write about that later.