{{journal_mood blah}}

I haven’t updated this thing in a while. Life is good but a bit busy. I wish I could say work has been treating me well but as usual it hasn’t. I suppose if you say I am still employed then work is treating me well, that may be correct but there is more to working then being employed.

But I’m not here to chat about that, I actually have something else that I noticed about myself this weekend. And, as usual, I’m not sure what to think of it.

A while back I created a classified ad on one of those annoying personal sites on the web. At first it wasn’t much, no pictures, just answering their dumb questions. Then a month ago I decided to go back and expand it some. I wrote this cool little intro thing, upload a couple pictures and even went and paid for a full account. Why? Well, partially because I was bored and the other part was, why not? I’m lonely and I’d really love someone to talk to … perhaps someone to look forward to chatting with during the day.

So, anyway, I put in some pictures … they aren’t good and probably the only two pictures I have (that are any good and doesn’t make me look like some stupid creature). I decided to write this really romantic and fun bio instead of the standard "I’m this tall, weight this much, looking for this and putting in all those stupid acronyms" that everyone else does. My thoughts for doing it this way was to find someone who could engage in a good conversation and didn’t mind typing and conversing. I’m really not looking to meet anyone or ‘hook-up’, I just hoped to find someone to chat with and then see how things go … if anything. Personally, I’m a bit to scared to meet people right now and, on top of that, it’s been a very long time for dating, sex and all that.

I know that my chances to meet someone through this type of service is slim to none but hey, it’s something to do. So why am I writing this little blurb? Well, a few guys have responded, I’ve written to a few but for the most part it’s been uneventful. However, the other day, this one guy writes and says he liked what I wrote. I wrote him back, he was cute and didn’t sound that bad, plus it wasn’t some stupid one line comment so hey … some hope that he enjoys talking. He replies to my reply but in his last message he asks for my phone number to call me. I find that a bit odd and write back that I am not comfortable with that and just looking for someone to chat with, we’ll see over time how things go and the standard that he sounds cool and I hope he doesn’t mind but I’d like to continue conversing.

Three days later, no reply. Prior to this, I’ve gotten similar replies from people. They want to meet and ‘hook-up’ but I am more into getting to know them, yet when those words come out … they vanish. So long story short and in answer to your looming question; why the missive on this? I just found it kind of sad that no one wants to get to know each other anymore. They don’t want to chat and be romantic, get to know each other and have some fun. They are so excited to ‘hook-up’ that anything else is of no interest.

It’s nothing serious nor does it bring out nasty emotions in me, it simply makes me wonder what our society is coming too. I miss the old days of BBSes and chat rooms. Hanging out and meeting the mysterious strangers, wondering if you’re really that compatible even though you have never met or seen one another. I guess those days are gone.

Mr. Right is still out there and I’m not giving up, I was just hoping I’d have some fun chatting with others until he stumbled in to my life but these online services seem more depressing and one night stand like then anything else.