My Kids are Sick!

I love children, I’d always hoped to have kids (somehow) when I was younger. Being gay, I really wasn’t sure how that would ever come to be, but it was a dream. Since I’ve moved into the later years of my life, I’ve come to the realization, kids are probably not going to happen in this life time. I’m okay with that. A bit sad that I didn’t get to pass on all this scary knowledge, nor these incredibly odd beliefs, but okay in general that pretty much this website will probably be my lasting repository.

As for others who have kids, I am jealous (at times), but I’m finding that I am more annoyed than I’d have thought. What I see now days are parents and fellow coworkers who have to run their kids to the doctor, deal with school events, help with some trip for their younger ones, swimming lessons, car rides, and so on. But those of us who have no kids, sometimes just trying to run an errand during the day and needing to take a few hours off from work, you are asking for an earth shattering exemption!

I get it, having children comes with some pretty heavy expectations. You are also under an incredible demand to have a work, social, and family life. I’m super amazed at how well some parents can pull off this incredible task, I struggle with both social and work, family life is my partner and our cats. But in all fairness, you can’t be using your offspring as an excuse to also step away from work. In my case, doing so, puts a huge pressure on others to step up and fill that persons void when not available.

And, before I go to far, where I currently work, they don’t put that pressure on any of our staff to fill in for others who aren’t available. I’m very lucky for that, but as a professional, I feel obligated to make sure everyone’s job is taken care of as we are a team. Right?

I don’t know, this is probably more just me venting than anything constructive. I do feel, at times, that some parents take advantage of this odd benefit from having kids, while employed. Yet I watch some of those same people complain when those of us without kids get to take a long vacation. I suppose that’s the perk of not having kids; vacations to fun and exotic places. I guess it evens itself out in the end, both sides have their perks.

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