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I don’t really use Facebook. Honestly, it was all those stupid games that they us to have, the constant updates from friends about making it to a new level … ugg. I know. They’re gone … or just not where I see them anymore … but it really irked me.

Now days, the fact that Facebook wants to show things in the order it thinks I want to see it, not in the way I want to read things … that just makes the whole thing fowl to me. Again, I know, you can go and click the link each time, but for fuck sake, let me set it the way I want, so I don’t have to always go and adjust things just to read about everyone’s lives.

And finally, as I am not done with my rant about Facebook yet, I really wanted to post these tidbits on my timeline as I have lots of people I would enjoy reengaging. Facebook doesn’t allow automated posts unless I set yourself up as a business. I’m flabbergasted by this! It is a “social” platform and you either use their system, or you use nothing at all.

I still use Twitter. I’ll admit, I stopped around the time that Dumb Ass became President (of the US as I know there are several). They should have banned him LONG before he left office. Oh I know Twitter’s party line, he was the President, it would have been wrong to block him as he holds the highest office in this country. But when that person says and does things that others are going to jail for — B L O C K H I S A S S — right then. All Twitter is doing by not taking that action is showing that elitism is still a huge thing in America.

I’m slowly re-embracing Twitter. I like it. It is simply and easy to deal with. I’m still sour over the Dumb Ass thing (see rant above), but eventually Twitter did the right thing … eventually.

As for the others, I have principals. If I tell others to live by their beliefs, to back those beliefs up, then I need to do the same or … as I tell others … don’t be a hypocrite. Tumblr, I used that, but then they decided adult material is bad, so they banned it. Come on, this is the year 2022, we are grown ups, sex is real and shaming this fact and the human body is stupid. Oh, that would be a good topic, sex and prostitution, let me write that down….

Instagram, so many of you use that. I just can’t. The fact that I must have an account to view anything, which is true of other services, I know, is annoying. But the fact that they show these stupid tiny images, why are you all using that? Let’s see your images in their full representation. I just don’t get it. And Instagram goes out of the way to block you from saving images. Again, I get it, copyright. But some of you post some nice stuff and I’d love to use them as backgrounds on my desktop, or on my other computer screens (I only have three computer screens around me most of the time). This one, I figure is a losing battle, eventually I’ll have to give in.

As for others; I might have an account, I might not. I use LinkedIn, but that is my professional side. I’ve never posted on it, I just keep my resume updated (hint, hint). So far, I come back to this site, my website, and enjoy having my own freedom to write and post. I’m trying to tie it all into the social sites but it’s difficult. I just want to post my thoughts, so many people are now making money with social media stuff that trying to find software to connect to sites, or making my own, is painful. Either the addons are costly, or so freaking annoying to make because you have to jump through the security hoops (due to dumbass hackers), I end up tossing my hands in the air.

This is still the best place to find out about me, but I get it. Most of you all want to be on the fancy social sites. I really do get that, I’m going to try to merge the two worlds … but it’s a work in progress.

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  1. Okay, I’ve spent months trying to find a way to post to Facebook as just myself, not a business, group, or activity. I just want to post my rants on my timeline for my friends, who may or may not want my opinion, so they can come and see what I’m talking about. I even went so far as to sign-up for Instagram as so many say it is the thing.

    What a fucking joke! You can’t auto-post to any of these unless you are a business. So even though I have a personal site, where I like to post and collect things, I’m not allowed to share that on Meta products (Facebook and Instagram). Twitter, fine. LinkedIn, Fine. Pinterest, Fine.

    I can understand it if I was trying to make money off what I post, but in all honesty, I just want to write and get others opinions and feedback. So much for that in this day and age. Why do people still use Facebook? Heck I am just as mystified about Instagram too. Crop and change my pictures, won’t let you download or save pictures. Terrible and stupid.

    For FUCKS sake…I’m done (with this sub-rant).

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