While sitting here debating on what I want to do today, I decided I’d play some music. The idea just sounded like a nice thing to do. I started listening to what I had on last night. It was nice, relaxing, but I wanted something different. So, I typed in a couple ideas to the good ol’ music program I have, nothing was really calling to me. Then I decided I’d just go with one of my favorite artists. The music started playing….

I was suddenly whisked away in memories of a summer drive I took to Eastern Washington, maybe 10 years ago. I was driving through the rolling hills on some side road, watching the scenery fly by. The warmth of the sun hit, the smells of the area enveloped me, and I kind of let out a sigh of relief, both internally and verbally.

I’ve always loved music. I’ve grown up with pretty much all types. My Mom loves Country (and Elvis). My sister was into what is more a Classic Rock thing. My older brothers had the Classic Rock vibe, but they also played other varieties of music too. My little brother loved heavy metal. About the only thing I never got into was Rap. Rap is not a music. And that’s probably because of the lyrics. Yes, I know, there are other versions of it, and I will admit, I really like some of those. Anyway, that’s a topic for some other time.

As I listened to music, I can’t explain how it opens my mind. It allows so many thoughts to wash over me in what I think was a well-placed wall. Not bad things. It just feels like a part of me relaxed and calmed. I wasn’t stressed to start, but now I feel as if I am waking up after a good sleep.

There have been lots of studies on how music affects us. Being someone who’s had the chance to have music around my entire life, I easily forget how it can alter and change my mood. To me, it is astounding how something so simple can have the same effect as taking a drug. Maybe it isn’t as potent, but it would seem far healthier than letting some odd unknown chemical into your system.

Hasn’t everyone had one of those moments that surprises you with something, you already know, but forgot about? That’s all this was. I’m off to continue listening and see how my day develops.

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