Brian S

My brother…. When I came out to you, your comments about protecting me sent not only relief but provided me with so much understanding about a man that always seem to be so different than the rest in our family. I might not of idolized you but I did envy you, your talents with a pen & paper and the drawings you could create were incredible. I wish you would have pursued that dream, I would have loved to have had a picture hanging on my walls so I could tell my friends, “my brother drew that!” Though you passed […]


You probably never realized it but I appreciated your friendship through that time when we started to make our mark on the world. When I first met you at Stephen’s apartment, that started our friendship. You attracted my eye but I was so scared of you. It was over time, as I got to know you, that I came to appreciate your way with facing things head on. I appreciate your talent of being honest with people, sometimes brutally, but honest none the same. People shouldn’t be afraid to be honest and it was you who reminded me of that. […]

Carl (Dad)

It’s so hard to believe you are no longer here anymore. I now understand, more than anything, why it’s so important to tell those you love how much you care. Your death was a shock to me. When I found out, you had already gone. I knew you weren’t in the best of health but I always kept thinking how much I needed to talk to you. I miss you so much but you have left me with so many memories and a life time of lessons that only a father can provide. I might not have been your ideal […]


I haven’t seen you since college. You made such a difference in my life. When I came out to you, you didn’t flinch and you didn’t run. You were the first person, besides my family and other close friends, that I had told and you just shrugged it off. I am sure you knew how much I cared about you and how difficult of a time I was having with it. I have never forgotten you, I feel a fool for the way I treated you and part of me wishes to go back and fix it but another part […]


What a life we have had! Out of all the people from my past, our time we spent together is burned into memory. Not because it was bad but because it was great. All the trips we made to the coast, our camping expeditions (sometimes very late at night) and our never ending search for the right mountain. I couldn’t have survived the years we spent without your help. It might sound odd but it’s true. Those years were the hardest for me to deal with because of the search to discover myself. We had our moments and there were […]


As I write these notes to my friends and family, I think of you. You were my teacher at a time in a kid’s life when they can lose focus so easily. I remember only parts of my experience in your classroom but I have never forgotten your lessons on calligraphy and the art of writing. You spent so much time with me and taught me so much in those little lessons it’s hard to believe that teachers nowadays aren’t flocking to schools to help our kids excel. I wish I remembered more about you, I kept this valentine card […]


I don’t even know where to begin as I write this note. I think you were the first person to show me that people aren’t self centered and only focused on their own lives. When I met you, you showed interest in me. Every since then, you supported the changes around me (even the odd ball ones). We had worked together for years and in the last two years as we fought our battles with the VA, you kept your ground and moved forward. You believed in me when it seemed others didn’t. I regret the day I missed your […]

Ed M

Who knew we’d become such good friends. I was just bored and figured I could have some fun and maybe meet new people when I took the position at Stratics to write news for UO. I had no idea what I was in-store for and we soon became the “team” on Sonoma. Since then we have traveled across many game worlds and you have had the unique pleasure of seeing me at my worst. For the studly cop you portray, you have a heart of gold and really have made life far better for me and the others that have […]


You escaped and from what I have heard is know following your dreams. When I started working at Shannon & Wilson a few key people stood out. You were one of those who made a lasting impression from your keen insight, you always would take on a new task with gusto and pride. Even the tasks that seemed difficult you wouldn’t shy away from and kept going. It was a sad day to see you leave our humble office but that was the gift of courage you had given myself and others … to keep pushing forward.


Thinking about you brings back so many memories, it also brings back so many sad thoughts. You had so much potential, you could make the moon shine its beams of light on any person you ask it to. It is so hard to believe you are gone and no longer bringing the warmth of your presence in to the world. You and I spent so much time together, I thought I was going to die when you told me you had to move away. You always kept your promise and called and sent letters. I’ve never forgiven your family for […]