Doyle - SmallAs I write these notes to my friends and family, I think of you. You were my teacher at a time in a kid’s life when they can lose focus so easily. I remember only parts of my experience in your classroom but I have never forgotten your lessons on calligraphy and the art of writing. You spent so much time with me and taught me so much in those little lessons it’s hard to believe that teachers nowadays aren’t flocking to schools to help our kids excel.

I wish I remembered more about you, I kept this valentine card for so many years because of the impression you left on my life. I never knew what I would do with it but I do now. I am happy to display it to the world and show them that a teacher does leave a permanent and happy mark on a child’s life. Teachers like you are and continue to be rare. Over 20 years later and I can still remember the lessons you bestowed on me.

Your student and lifelong admirer.