Jason - SmallThinking about you brings back so many memories, it also brings back so many sad thoughts. You had so much potential, you could make the moon shine its beams of light on any person you ask it to. It is so hard to believe you are gone and no longer bringing the warmth of your presence in to the world. You and I spent so much time together, I thought I was going to die when you told me you had to move away. You always kept your promise and called and sent letters. I’ve never forgiven your family for the horror they put you through, the only saving grace was your sister. If it wasn’t for her and the love she showed me after you had moved on, I could have never faced another day when I had heard the news.

I miss you so very much. I always planned on us getting back together and continuing to share our lives together. There is still a part of me that will never feel complete without you. Every time I go to the coast in Oregon, I make a special trip to the place we first stood and take time to remember you. Where ever you are I know you look down on me and watch over my life. I am honored that you were there and I am honored to have you close to me even after you have left this world that seems so empty without you.