Dan - SmallWhat a life we have had! Out of all the people from my past, our time we spent together is burned into memory. Not because it was bad but because it was great. All the trips we made to the coast, our camping expeditions (sometimes very late at night) and our never ending search for the right mountain. I couldn’t have survived the years we spent without your help. It might sound odd but it’s true. Those years were the hardest for me to deal with because of the search to discover myself. We had our moments and there were times when I thought you wouldn’t be there anymore. But through it all we found our friendship and kept holding on to it.

I hope everything continues to turn out the way you expect in life and you find all your dreams. We might not agree on everything eye-to-eye but I know that you have the potential to go far in our world. I wish you and your wife the best happiness has to offer and you get the joy you seek to add in your family. Friends forever.