Ed - SmallI don’t even know where to begin as I write this note. I think you were the first person to show me that people aren’t self centered and only focused on their own lives. When I met you, you showed interest in me. Every since then, you supported the changes around me (even the odd ball ones). We had worked together for years and in the last two years as we fought our battles with the VA, you kept your ground and moved forward. You believed in me when it seemed others didn’t. I regret the day I missed your wedding, I regret it because you invited me and I didn’t come.

My big wish for you, is that you get the chance to succeed with your career. I have no doubt that you won’t have any problems just make sure you choose your employer wisely, your talents shouldn’t be taken for granted like it was at the VA. Thank you so very much for being a friend and putting up with my pestering.

Best wishes for your future, for both you and your wife.