$819 Billion Economic Stimulus Package

House of Represenatives (State of the Union address)This is proof that we … you, me and everyone else in America … are asleep at the wheel:

“No House Republican voted for the stimulus package, yet 244 Democrats did.”

The odds that 177 people of approximately 435 would each vote identically are astronomical UNLESS all of these people are “members” of a specific group where as this would not be so uncommon.

Come on everyone. I know we each have different believes, feelings and thoughts but doesn’t this remind you of something? It does me, can anyone say “High School?” This is nothing but kids playing in a sand box and trying to push someone around because they are in the same click (aka, group). I really doubt that anyone I know hasn’t felt the pressure, or worse the abuse, that these clicks can create. What really irks me is that this “click” is the one that has the power to say what we as free people can and cannot do.

They aren’t voting based on their constituent’s best interest. They are simply voting on an issue based on what their “click” says to do. In fact, to further demonstrate this little fact, 244 Democrats voted yes to the package yet that leaves 13 Democrats who either voted against it or didn’t participate (only one Republican didn’t participate in this vote and they were quoted as saying they would have voted no had they had the chance to vote … really? No surprise here.)

So what does that say? That even as a Democrat, not all of them saw eye to eye and for the most part voted their own vote and not the “click” vote. Sure, I would assume that some did but the fact is just this – we have basically nothing but “high school kids” running our government and we “THE PEOPLE” let them continue to do it.

110th US SenateHere’s a little side note, President George Washington was very much against partisan voting and felt that this was the worst thing that had happened to the US, going against everything he and those who created our country had let happen.

So to my friends out there, next time you look up at those stars and strips or try to say you are aware, try again. Did you vote? Did you write your legislators recently and commend or condemn them on their actions? Have you done anything to take a stand and let your voice be heard? Gone to a rally? What political involvement have you done in the past month that shows you aren’t just going to let the “high school” jocks and cheer leaders run our country?

You want to start fixing things; it takes one person … one person to act and one person to get someone else to act. Suddenly all those one person’s are a large voice that can make change happen. Start here, visit the House of Representatives web site and send your representative your thoughts. Here’s the link to the US Senate site where you can write to your congress person. Screw the formal emails and just write your thoughts. Perhaps they won’t read it but if you do it and have a friend do their part, then that friend has his friend … do you really think they can avoid reading those messages then? And yes, before you ask, I’ve written them all many times and I continue to share my thoughts.

Oh and one final note, I don’t care one way or another if this package passes.  What I care about is that what ever happens it is fair and that what we the people want is carried about by those we elected in to these offices.

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