No Post Wednesday

My goal is to have something new to post every week. I was doing really well, up until today. Mind you, I have a slew of started drafts on one rant or another, I just get side tracked and have never finished them yet.

So, instead of my weekly dribble, I’m just going to post this instead. I’ll sit down and get more of my thoughts typed up, but right now, I’m actually having fun on a little side project that I’ve kind of wanted to do for almost 30 years. I’m close to getting it there, so I don’t want to lose my momentum. More on that later….

Until next time, this is but a short and quick update, so you know, there is more to come. And maybe those 40-50 other articles I’ve started will actually get posted soon. You’ll never be without a rant again. Things to look forward to, yes?

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