BBC News About America….

I’m sorry, America sucks when it comes to media coverage. I have gotten into a new habit of reading the news which I am slowly trying to stop myself from doing. Lately I have been reading the various papers online locally and across the nation. I might stop on one or two articles, the tomato problem was one and the other was about the toddler who was beaten to death.

Then I ventured over to the BBC and found better written and far more relevant news, I was totally appalled at the dog who was killed by a street sweeper. The quick and easy to read/understand updates on the floods in Iowa. And finally, we know what fell off the shuttle that no one mentioned in local news (that I could find). And my favorite, the story on bloggers getting arrested for speaking up.

I’m sorry, the English have a far better beat on what’s important than we do. I’m sure we can find out more about Britney Spears latest boob job, more propaganda than there are fleas on a dog about the presidential election, a whole freaking garbage dump of articles on where Bush has taken a dump and in which toilet he inspected today. What critics are saying about every damn movie released and some have even made it to the front page.

But then again, perhaps I should just let you know that Jerry Springer has been renewed for another year so you are each safe to go back to watching TV again.

Ugg, if you are an American and proud of it, then you should be trying to disguise yourself and hide in the shadows. There ain’t nothing to be proud of left in America nowadays.

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