Cool Feature

I stumbled across a cool little feature on Amazon that everyone should check out.

If you are a regular member, you’ll know about the wish lists you can create. Well, while trying to figure out how to mark some music I wanted, I stumbled across the coolest little thing they are offering. It’s called a “Universal Wish List“. In essence, you drag this little shortcut onto your browser’s toolbar and then go surfing. When you find something you just would love to have but you aren’t sure about spending the money … click the new little “Add to Wish List” feature in your browser and you can mark the site, add some notes and prices then click save.

From then on, you can visit Amazon and check out your wish list, revisit that site again or just have a nice way to remember things you want. Plus, since you can share or publish your wish list, others will always know what to get you for those special moments.

It’s pretty nifty, I hated keeping notes and forgetting about the notes, not writing down a price or the site, etc. It’s snazzy!

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