Weekend Quick Update

{{journal_mood happy}}

{{journal_location Home in the office which is my life.}}

It’s been a long and somewhat awful week. Actually, it’s just been an awful week full of lots of stress and pain. But the week is over and another will start in a couple days. I’m actually looking forward to this week, Boy Wonder starts work with me again and I’m starting to discover some things about myself.

I think one of the key things I am discovering is that I do have strength and though at times it feels as if I am done and ready to be rolled over into my coffin, I have the unique ability to muster more strength and trudge on. I really hope that someday all this stuff I have been going through over the past what now feels like years finally ends and the next part of my life takes off.

It’s been bad and it’ll probably just get worse but as I remind everyone else, it does get better. I’ll try and write more later. Right now I am happy and though not smooth, things are on track and life moves forward.