Vienna - SmallMy only sister. I have such fun memories of you as a kid. I am sure you don’t think of them as fun, but to me and Marc, we enjoyed your routine of babysitting so much. Yes, I worry about you and your habits you have gotten in to but at the same time, you care about your kids and watch over them like a mother should. You have participated in thier lives and guided them throughout the years. That I am very proud of.

My biggest wish is that you will let go of the nasty habits you have let in to your life and move on. You have a wonderful family and a great husband, don’t let those slip away from you. As I update my site, I have relived so many memories and have found that once you make a wrong turn you may never get the chance to go back. I have known you my whole life and have seen what you are capable of doing, don’t let go of that and keep reaching. You will get there you just have to push the bad away to reach it.

I love you so much.
Your brother