TLN - SmallThere are so many people who I wish to thank here. First and foremost is Ron. He was my mentor and steady beacon. Some of the many other faces that stand out are Rya, what a powerhouse of energy. Her efforts to better our community are still felt today. Lisa, I still have the article you wrote. You included a paragraph at the bottom wishing me luck in my adventures in Seattle. You and I had a good time. Kim, I had so much fun knowing you. I had a crush on you for the longest time. Fran, your independence and sense of belief was incredible. James, your support and understanding our still felt today. Martha, we had our moments and sometimes wars but you were incredible. Your talents as the Editor never slacked and I always seemed to learn something. Michael, your talents with art and beauty were magnificent. I us to study some of your work just to see what I could learn.

The volunteers, each and every one of you. I would mention you all by name but there have been hundreds. I always looked forward to my time I spent with you. Typing, pasting or whatever your task was. We spent some great times talking and shooting the breeze.

The callers, before the helpline, we were the support center for Oregon and its gay and lesbian community. I have ran in to a few of you and I am so happy to know that many of you found some hope by calling.

If there is someone I missed, please forgive me. I know a lot of names aren’t mentioned here, I am going to add more. At the moment my mind is swimming with names and trying to get them all down is overwhelming. Please know, I appreciated everyone’s efforts in this time, it was and still is my best experience to date. It wouldn’t have been possible without each of you.

Happy Memories.