Stephen - SmallAh, the queen mum. Gosh, my life would have been so boring without you around, at least the part in Seattle. You introduced me to so many new people and places that it is hard to imagine you not being around anymore. I always remember the fun we had, trying to either cheer the other up during bad times or convincing each other that we should go out and be social. I can’t ever begin to tell you how much your friendship is cherished, if it wasn’t for you, so many things wouldn’t have happened and so many moments in my life just wouldn’t exist.

Your talent to help and provide love when others need you most is incredible, you became one of the dearest and closest friends I have. It wasn’t because we tried, it wasn’t because we had to, it was because we actually found the other interesting and worth the effort. And it wasn’t an effort either, it just happened. I can not say thanks enough, I can’t even begin to describe the happiness you gave me. I just hope that through the years you reach the goals you seek and are able to succeed in your dreams.

A toast to you and our friendship.