The Weekend

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Woo…Hoo! Thursday, one more day and then the weekend which is kind of odd for me to be excited about since the weekend usually is filled with boredom followed by more boredom.

Actually, what I find interesting is that I am excited about the weekend because it has become such a social norm to be .looking forward to the weekend’. In America it just seems that we spend far too much time working and trying to get out of work that our personal time is reduced down to the deep desire to relax and enjoy life after five days for an incredibly quick 2 days off. (side note: that sentence was purposely written to be long and winded to stress the freaking stress we all endure to get to the weekend.)

We have this thing called a cost-of-living rate that varies from location to location in the great US of A. It adjusts and changes yearly (or so) and helps companies and various organizations determine what wages and salaries are needed so that everyone can pay for the basics in life. The odd thing about this little rate thing is that it may be ok to figure out money issues it doesn’t come close to addressing the mental state of our nation.

When you start to think about it that way, nothing in this vast country addresses the ongoing problem and increasing situation many people are being faced with when it comes to their mental well being. Times have changed and life is ever increasing to become harder and more difficult. What was easy and simple back in the day is now painful and long, a good example of this, say your doctor. With so many people in our world, making an appointment and actually getting in to see the doctor in a timely fashion is almost rare.

In turn, you have to take time off from work, return to work late or have to hope that your doctor is available on the weekend which of course then just makes you subconsciously resent work because your time to relax and recover from that five eight hour days are now shortened. But does anyone in our nation think about how these new .stresses’ on life are affecting the populace, well besides the physiological community who are still seen as somewhat of quacks?

I myself find that the weekends just aren’t long enough, I spend Saturday rushing around trying to do the things I need to do while the stores are open and wishing so much I could go and relax instead. Then Sunday hits and my main goal is to take time for myself and spend some portion of the day doing what I want but by mid-day to late-day your mind starts to shift back to work because … oh look … you have somewhere between 12-18 hours and you will be back at it. Now don’t forget friends and family who want your time and the moments where you thought it would only take a few minutes to get something done but instead took hours because everyone else thought it would take only minutes.

Personally, three days off would work so much better. Yes that would mean that we’d only work four days but come on, this is the 21st century. The world now moves 24-hours a day and doesn’t stop. America, of all places, needs to rethink its work ethics and take the next step. It could be done and if you are really creative enough, you will find that it would not only help our nation’s mental state but would improve moral and provide much needed work for those who are seeking.

But alas, look at our government. We have a monkey for a President and an Executive branch that didn’t stick their thumb up their … they lost it in the place where-the-sun-don’t-shine, now they wander around going … "I feel funny maybe I am doing to much for the US and need to piss off some other country by being a bully and a super-power".