Seattle Pre-Snow

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It’s trying to snow here in Seattle. I keep hoping it will start to stick but I might not get so lucky for a while. If it does start to stay on the ground (or get worse), I am out of here and headed home! The hills around my house aren’t that bad but they are enough for my car to loose traction trying to get up them. There is no way in the world I am going to leave my car parked at the bottom of the hill until it stops. I’d take it over to a friend’s house first and then beg for a ride home before I did that or if I had too, I would call the towing company and have it towed home. Problem with that is even when it’s wet the towing company has a hard time getting up the hills.

I did take a quick drive up to the store near work really fast and then side tracked up on top of the local hill to see how bad it was. It was a bit worse than I expected but the snow/rain coming at the windshield and the misty grey and white around was incredibly romantic. I love snow and really want it to start coming down. The world slows down in this weather and though I know some hate it, many love it. Moods get changed and spirits become more of fun and being a kid.

We have this gas fireplace at home. The thing has never been used but I am thinking if it does start to come down I am going to grab the laptop, make some coffee, get my cell phone and start the fire. There isn’t any TV or stereo in the room but we have these incredibly comfortable leather couches. I am so going to sit down there and just lounge on the computer.

Well, back to work for a bit. Come on snow….

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