The Slap

As humans, we need to evolve to keep growing. If we want to do this, we must consciously take the steps to better ourselves from what we where, to where we are going. Violence has its place, that is part of the evolution, understanding how we use that action to move ourselves, and others, is the key forward. Those in the lime light, politicians, TV and movie stars, any public figure, all have to remember — they are setting the standard and demonstrating to many others watching them of that step forward.

I understand that not everyone is capable of this next step. Some people in power, or on stage, are thrust into this light. They are still many steps behind. But as their fan, groupie, or supporter, we are also held to that same standard. We must also take the step forward. We do that by showing our support, or doing just the opposite and demonstrating our disapproval of whom ever we see as holding these positions of honor.

If someone does you wrong, attacks your beliefs, or just insults you, the age of punching them in the mouth, slapping them across the face, or even berating them with your words is part of our past. Yes, it might make you feel better, for the moment, but we all need to set the example. We are intelligent, sentient beings. We are not lowly animals any longer. We have evolved. We have voices. We can use our own non-physical actions to provoke change. We can set the bar higher, and stronger, then any other being on this planet. Not by violence but by our chosen ‘better’ actions.

If you are at an awards ceremony and on display to your fellow peers (and humans). If someone on stage does you, or your family, friends, groupies, tribe, entourage a wrong. You get up. Head held high, and you and your family, friends, group, tribe, entourage leave the event right then and there. You turn down your award, or accolade, especially if the person who did you the wrong was representing those who gave you the award. And you make a statement to those listening. State your reasons and feelings on how it impacted you and those whom you care. You help us all by educating us and teaching us what was wrong and why you felt it important to take that action.

Getting up, storming up to the stage, and hauling off and slapping someone across the face, then berating them for their insult, walking back to your seat and then … waiting to get your award or accolade … is childish, and so much less of a human, and more of an animal. Anyone who thinks this would be the better approach is simply feeding the fires. They are telling us to step backwards in time and devolve our selves as human beings. And by these actions, put us so much closer to the animals that so many God fearing people claim we didn’t descend from. At least they are proving these non-evolution fools wrong, so I guess there is an upside.

One thought on “The Slap

  1. I’m fully aware that Will Smith has taken the steps to remove himself from the Academy Awards for his actions. He’s apologized for the events that evening, for disrupting the show, and taking away from others evening. I think that is great, a bit of faith in him has been restored.

    I still stand by my words on how he should have handled the comment about his wife (which is what I eluded to in the post above). I won’t change or remove my thoughts, I still believe this is an example of how we need to evolve and change, move beyond things like this.

    I do believe in second chances and even thirds. But at some point everyone needs to look at themselves, in the mirror, and decide when they’ve had enough chances and need to get things figured out once and for all. Is that Will Smith? I don’t know, I don’t care. This is about all of us, myself included.

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