The Master Plan!

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I am having way too much fun. I finally took out my contacts, one was really bothering me. Right now I am just laying here reading old stuff I have written, listening to music and this time actually drifting off into day dreaming. This is what I needed. Well and the phone call from Hermes is always a welcome break to center me back into reality.

I am doing my damnest to keep my mind off from Boy Wonder. I care about him and will be his friend but I can’t dwell on him, there is nothing more I can do until he asks for my help. So, time to move on and hope for the best for both of us. Besides, I am not going to rename my journal to "Boy Wonder" no matter how much he would probably get a kick out of it (if he ever found out that this existed). That of course would come after he beat the crap out of me and gave me that lecture he is very good at, usually starting with "not this crap again."

So, what type of guy would I like to be with? A romantic first, I really don’t want an office worker or computer dude; I want someone who likes getting his hands dirty. All the guys who have been in my life have been the former. That’s what I do, I work in an office and I deal with computers all day long. I really want someone who hates offices, likes being outside and their idea of a computer is to hold down the papers that are about to blow off the coffee table.

Ok, perhaps a bit more computer skill or the desire to learn. Maybe someone who likes playing online games (off and on) so we could do that together but otherwise, they really don’t have to have that much interest in them. I guess you could say someone that would challenge me to do other things in life besides what I already do.

As for looks, that really is of less importance to me. Obviously I don’t want someone who doesn’t care about their body but chubby or skinny, fit or not really doesn’t bother me as long as the spark is there. It’s amazing how you can see the person you are in love with, they could be something that scares your friends but to you they are a Greek god. If I had to point someone out, I like the masculine look, around my height (6’2"), ooohhh … shaved head please *starts drooling* or just close cropped. And since I am fantasizing, lets just toss in the whole tamale … goatee! *gets all woozy and light headed* Oh, can’t forget the most essential, someone who likes being casual; jeans, boots or just sneakers. Hopefully the only nice outfit they have is an old suit dating back so many years it’s funny to look at.

I really do get off on personalities. If someone can make me laugh and feels comfortable being themselves plus being out, they are a match for me. None of this change stuff either, of course there will be compromises in any relationship and change is going to happen but I want someone in my life who knows who they are and they are at least ok with that.

Oh and then there is the sex. He has to love to get funky [u]all the time[/u], no matter where or when! Sometimes the urge hits and well … you can always find a nice secluded place even in a stadium … trust me … I know. ? I want some spontaneity and someone who just enjoys … well, lets just say, a release now and then even if the timing is a bit odd. Let’s not forget make-up sex! Every relationship has it’s problems but working through it and being able to come out the other side knowing you love that person so much … you just got to do them NOW can’t compare to any high available.

Believe it or not, I really am not that picky, this is probably the most I have actually thought about the person I would like to have a romantic relationship with. Usually the persons who have been in my life vary so much it’s scary. The only common factor about almost all of them has been the fact that they are interesting and fun, different and bring out the better side of me. Yes even Dazzle was like that once, he is young and I think he is discovering who he is still.

That reminds me, there was this one guy that was walking down the street last night. I was talking to Hermes when I saw him and let me just say, "O … M … G was he cute". I know he was just looking at the car but damn, I really wanted to go back and pick him up. Hey he looked a bit drunk and you know how that goes, I probably would have looked like this handsome duke in his eyes. He had on the traditional construction boots, a white tank t-shirt, a pair of those washed out jeans and he was big and stocky. Ooops, let me adjust here…. Very cute in a rough type of way, not that I want rough sex but the illusion of it in the person I am with is kind of exciting and fun.

Personality and romance that is what I really crave. The other day when I was driving around I got the urge to go look at the Christmas lights that are slowly starting to appear. I started to head towards some to take a look but stopped myself. I haven’t gotten to go drive around and look at lights in a very long time. Dazzle hates driving around and gets bored. To me, it’s not only pretty but romantic to see the displays people can come up with. It reminds me of being a kid and being free. It would be nice to have someone there to share that experience.

So, there you have it. I am sure your sorry for reading this entry … hahaha … well, it only gets worse. This was mild compared to what I really feel like writing but for now I’ll leave the writing G rated. I will warn you, if I do meet Mr. Someone I have a feeling I am going to have to write about it. Having these memories here are incredibly therapeutic and lets me look back in time, see what was happening and how I felt. Just think how bad it will be if Mr. Someone finds the right spot!

So my world keeps turning and though it’s been a rocky few weeks, I am feeling good about myself. I’ve found some flaws in the master plan but they will be fixed sooner or later. And Hermes … thank you so much for being there, you truly have been a god send both now and for as long as we have known each other. NOW find me a guy described above and I’ll hold back on the "juicy" details that are just brewing in my mind. Just kidding … sorta.