Day Dreaming…

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A good day … surprisingly! I spent the day thinking about Mr. Installer, not day dreaming, just kind of using the boy as a focal point. When I felt weird or down, I just pictured him and the possibilities. Hermes keeps telling me I should go back and have them do something else to my stereo so I could … umm … run in to him again. Thinking about it, that would be kind of fun but honestly besides putting in a new stereo what could I possibly have as a reason that wouldn’t sound really … gay!

I have been thinking about getting a new cell phone and I would like to have it connected to my stereo system since it can do that but perhaps next month. I need to get some other work done on my car first and maybe I’ll find some cute guy at one of those places. The tire guys are very cute last time I was there and this one … oh, la la! He is this cute boy, probably younger than Mr. Installer but very hot. I think I would have better chances with Mr. Installer but Tire Boy is good eye candy.

So what does this tell me? Boy Wonder, as much as I care about him, is out of mind when I am off dreaming about the future of my love life. So … maybe … just maybe … I am projecting my desire to have a love interest on Boy Wonder. For those who aren’t following along I need to get a life and find someone who I can gaze into their eyes and get lost in the depths of their soul.

So today was a good day. It’s still early yet but I don’t expect any problems. I have my laptop in the bedroom, away from my main computer which tends to just get me lost worrying about things I just can’t control. The laptop gives me some freedom to be in a different space both figuratively and literally. And I got the local dance station tuned in on the internet so I’ve got my energy thing going.

Honestly I kind of feel like writing. This journal thing has been a real life saver, I get to voice my thoughts and write down things that are troubling me and hopefully in the future get to write about me and Mr. Installer. Hahaha, ok, that is funny!

Oh they are saying it might snow. It is cold enough and does feel like snow but this is Seattle and well, when it does decide to snow here the weather gods will look down and go "I’m bored with that idea, let’s make it rain instead and then they forget what they where doing and it will just be cold out." If it does snow, I am so staying home tomorrow. One, I am not about to drive the Vette in the snow and two, the Mercedes battery is dead. Dazzle’s jeep would be good but he has to work and I just don’t like that thing anyway.

Well, I think I might see about back dating some entries on this thing. See what I have on the old hard drive and post them. I don’t know if I’ll add another entry tonight unless something happens that warrants a small bitch fine, yeah … right … a large bitch.