Contacts vs. having your eye fall out….

{{journal_mood blah}}

I took out my contacts a bit late; I should have taken them out sooner. Now my one eye is killing me, either I scratched it or I wore the contacts to long. It’s making me feel ill because my eye keeps tearing up and my nose starts to run thinking I have a cold. This of course made sleeping last night difficult so I am now tired.

No snow in Seattle today so I had to go to work. Which isn’t too bad, I got a new computer to customize and play with, which will be fun for most of the day. That was all I did yesterday in-between thinking about Mr. Installer, setting up my new system.

I did think of a new design to do for my personal website which badly needs a face lift. I am going to see if I can draw it out today and start prepping it to install on my site. I think it would be nice to have my web page updated, I us to have a flashy design many years ago but when I redid it with the new software I wrote, I didn’t have the energy to come up with a new look. Lately with work which is lots of web design, I haven’t really wanted to think about my own site but times are changing and I have the urge.

It’s going to be a rough morning for a while, being tired, having my eye hurting and my body thinking it has a cold really sucks. I can see my mind starting to wander off to places I don’t want it to go so keeping it on task will be a trick.