Thank you!

{{journal_mood ecstatic}}

To whom ever watches above, thank you! Choices in life are hard and some are even harder than one might think. However, when we look at a choice, sometimes we have to decide just which one we’ll take.

For those who know me, the easy route is not my choice. I always take the harder one. Why? It’s more interesting and though I probably will come out battered and bruised, I will come out.

So to who ever watches over me above, thank you so very much for showing me a light, beacon or just a glimpse that I will get over the current stone in my life. And that I have taken a choice that, though it will be rough, was the right choice for me.

I can’t tell anyone how incredibly relieved and happy I am right now. A small reminder to me, asking for help and getting an answer especially when you are dealing with something that you can’t see, touch or even feel comes in an odd assortment of responses. Be watchful and be ready to learn about yourself when the answer comes, it never is that simple but it can be even more rewarding than you might imagine … if you’re willing to really listen.