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Journal update time! OMG, let’s see. I have only done the tiniest bit of work, mostly chatting with my co-workers about work issues including our network consultant who is working on some firewall issues for me. The rest of the time has been answering personal emails. I do believe I have created a monster. For each of you that have gotten small books today in the form of an email, sorry.

I just wanted to answer the best I could and well, have some fun. Yeah I know most of them have been about things going on with me but honestly, I just want you each to know where I am coming from. Perhaps it’s a moment for me to open up and share about things some of which none of you known about and should have, but it is in some odd way, a chance to bring everyone up to the same page and say thank you for being there. Each of you, in your own unique way, has enriched my life in some shape or fashion.

For some odd reason this morning I woke up with my cat on my mind. I am not sure why, ever since his brother died he has gotten lonelier which is only natural. He does pester me a lot more and now that things are finally calming down in my life, I am trying to pay him more attention. He’s a great cat but to be having dreams about him, I am sure he must have been sleeping on my head all night (or something).

The morning started off as one of those mornings where you wake up before the alarm and instead of just rolling over and trying to get more sleep I lumbered out of bed and went to work. I am so tired right now and kind of want to go home and go back to bed but Opus offered to go to dinner. I would like to do that but I am afraid I’d just kind of be a blank wall drifting in and out of thought. I still have yet to decide, my poor little head is just not going to wake up.

I am going to leave early; I am looking forward to that. I really do want to get in the car and drive even if it just home. I just want the week over and to start the weekend off relaxed. I am hoping that once I get home, kind of take a few minutes to lounge around that my energy will pick up and I can go to dinner. But knowing me, I probably will sit on the couch and veg instead.

Actually, I should restate the leaving early thing. I am "trying" to leave early but my boss has decided that he is going to go and move some cameras around at the last minute which of course can’t wait until later. Why? Well, it fits his schedule as usual. I just have to do some network updates once they are moved but I did tell him when he first arrived my plans for today. It then just took him almost three hours to go from "walking out the door" to actually "walking out the door". What was he doing for those three hours, none of us know.

I am not sure if I am feeling down or if I am just tired. Maybe both but I think it has more to do with the tired thing. Last night turned out to be an incredible evening and really does make me feel better about things ahead. I am still incredibly happy about the outcome. However, when I get tired and/or hungry I tend to start over analyzing things and I don’t want to do that this time. Sometimes, it is what it is. Boy Wonder has some saying he likes to reference when ever I get a bit too distracted about things, he really doesn’t know how much I actually do heed his odd and sometimes humorous words of wisdom.

Otherwise that is about all for the moment. Oh yeah one other thing. Where the hell is Hermes? He called the other night while I was talking to Opus and since then I haven’t heard from him. I even called his cell phone but I didn’t leave a message however I did drop off a quick note to him on instant messenger but have yet to see or hear a reply. Hermes…. Where are you? Don’t make me start an entry about you; you know very well how it might turn out.