Status Report Will Robinson.

{{journal_mood moody}}

I think it’s time to see a doctor. Not exactly for the problems I am facing but for the headaches that I have been having. They are pretty much constant now and though I can dull them, I can’t seem to get rid of them.

I joke with people that I might have a tumor which I know I don’t, I think it’s my nasal passages finally telling me to do something. They are mostly sinus headaches and well that could be part of the problem with me not being able to focus. It does seem that when they aren’t there I feel better and don’t stress so much, it makes some sense that with a constant headache my energy is split in two and with so many thoughts on my mind ….

As for today, it sucked. No new revelations, no new nothing. Just constant thinking and emotional outbursts at the wall, thankfully, the walls don’t talk back and are good listeners. I did a bit of the crying thing off and on, I think it was more just out of stress and no one around to release too.

But such is my life and though I currently hate it and feel awful, things will get better eventually. I just need to finish sorting all this out.