Thoughts to Ponder…

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This is something I wrote as I sat here thinking. It’s actually something I think about all the time, just never thought I would put it where someone could see. My answer is of course the end. Having an ability such as this would be exciting but with any hidden and unknown talent, you have to weigh the reasons (and moral obligation) you have it.

[blockquote]Time and Space

If I could travel through time and I could travel through space, what would I see and what would I do? Would I turn back the clock and fix my past mistakes? Would I jump to the end and see how it all … or would I jump back and watch it start fresh?

Could I make a difference if I had the ability? Could I go back and visit with those I miss so dearly?

If I could travel the cosmic waves of the universe, what would I do or would I decide life is what it is and I am not a god nor someone that mettles in the fates.[/blockquote]