Snow Wimp

{{journal_mood relaxed}}

Well the idea of snow got the best of me and I headed off home. Actually it started to snow a bit harder and though it was only .trying’ to stick, I was worried about the hills around my place. So instead of sitting there stressing about it, I decided I would leave. Traffic was a mess and it took almost an hour and half to get home so leaving early was probably a good idea all the way around.

I did get a surprise call from Boy Wonder today. It was a great call; I wish he would do that more often. All be it short, it was just nice to talk to him over the phone instead of the stupid messenger. He was being cute too so that is always a nice high for me. He even apologized for disappearing last night. I don’t need the apology but that is the person I remember, carrying about others and checking in with them.

He was suppose to contact me so we could work on some stuff for him tonight but either his internet is down or he got side-tracked. Ahh well, he called and sounded like the friend I remember so I won’t rag on him to much tonight. I was kind of looking forward to helping him but at the same time kind of worried it would be one of those conversations where he constantly gets distracted with something which in turn just irritates me and stress me out. Plus I don’t want to do another instant messenger conversation with him, had he tried that tonight I think I would have screamed.

There has been an email sitting in my inbox for sometime that I finally decided I should answer. Sometimes I am just terrible about answering emails or returning calls. But eventually I do return both; it just can take weeks and even months for me to do it. I am not sure why I do that but I do. It’s a habit I need to work on. This email was from another close friend that recently moved out of the area. Ok, it’s only an hour drive away but still it’s not like he lived across town anymore.

My friend’s name shall be … Sex Hound. Oh trust me; he’d know why and well, it’s my favorite thing to bug him about. He’s not really that bad…. Well, if you asked him he would say he wasn’t that bad … RIGHT. Anyway, Sex Hound and I have known each other from a ways back. He was part of the pack of friends I us to hang out with when we did the bar hopping thing each weekend (about 10 years back). Ah those where the days. Sadly though, it was like eight or nine of us who would meet up to drink, laugh, dance and well, pester others at the bars … he is the only one left that I talk with. The special ones always stay a part of your life.

He, much like Opus, hasn’t been told of most of the events in my life. I’ve kind of kept him in the dark about things. Almost for the same reason I did Opus. He knows Dazzle and I just didn’t want that complication added to my life. But times are changing and I really do want to have my friends around. So I emailed him back. He is already hitting on his co-workers and let’s see, started his new job like a month ago and been out on two dates with one person that works there. So you think Sex Hound doesn’t fit him?

Maybe sometime this weekend he and I can get together. This could actually be a very good weekend if I got to see both Opus and Sex Hound again. Tiring yes but that is the kind of tiring I enjoy. Tired from having fun and being with your friends, that is one of my favorite things to do.

Good day so far. Hopefully Boy Wonder will call and we can chat for a change but right now I think I am going to close my eyes for a bit and relax.