Seattle Sunshine….

{{journal_mood rejuvenated}}

What a nice day it was today. I was going to go for a walk in one of the local parks since I hadn’t done that in a long time but it was just so nice out, I had to drive! I took the long way around to Bremerton island and looked at the ships, waved at other Vette drivers and in general listened to music.

I have to admit, it was a bit sad at times. This is one of those days I would have loved to have company with me, just someone to share the day with, sit back and enjoy the ride. I caught myself several times looking over at the vacant passenger seat thinking how nice it would have been to have someone there. Next mate in my life has to enjoy long drives. That is all there is to it, this driving thing is very relaxing and extremely therapeutic.

The drive took most of the day; I didn’t feel like coming home though so I drove around Seattle a bit more before it got to dark. I hit up all the nice places this time but as it grew darker, I decided to head home after a quick cruise down Capital Hill. I found that I loved to be in the city or in places where there were lots of people around. It was nice to watch all the people off to do their holiday shopping, I even ran in to this cute gay couple walking hand-in-hand out of the Space Needle area. I couldn’t help but laugh; an old grey haired couple where walking right behind them and the women just had her eyes glued to the hands of two men walking in front of them. I thought it was hilarious but no one else seemed bothered by it which was really kind of nice.

I was thinking I should look up the local gay paper around here and volunteer. Last time I checked though, we didn’t have much of a gay paper but I’ll check again. I really do think I want to volunteer for something in the gay community. The bars and all that just aren’t my thing but the need to get out and do something and maybe meet some new people is very appealing. A bit scary, yes but change usually requires a leap and sometimes those leaps can be nothing but frightening.

I said Hi to my one friend who I chat with on instant messenger today; he hasn’t sent me any messages until before Turkey Day. He wasn’t online but I wanted to say hi for when he next came on. Well, I was busy doing things and somewhere in there he popped on and then quickly popped off. Though I didn’t ask for a reply, I assumed he would since that is what most people would do. That just irked me something terrible. I think it’s time to toss in another towel and move on with life.

Oh and I finally went and washed my car. It needed it bad, sadly though it was so freaking dirty I need to do it again as I missed some places. Plus I need to do the rims so I can take it in soon and get new tires. Can’t drive a Corvette in with dirty anything and have them fix it, I would be afraid they would assume that I don’t care if they do a shoddy job or not. My poor car, most Vette owners park them for the winter but unless it’s snowing, mine isn’t going into storage. I do need to get its 100k maintenance and have my ABS system fixed. And of course, a blinker in the front is acting up … ahhh … thankfully we have a big bonus coming at work, which should eat all of it and then a lot more.

It was a good day and I hope to have more of these. If it is nice tomorrow, I am going to finish my cleaning on the car and probably take a drive to show it off. Things are still rocky on all fronts but I am happy to report, they aren’t as depressing as last week. Just some work ahead and some movement out of the comfort zone I have been in.