{{journal_mood pensive}}

What a fun day! I didn’t plan it that way but it turned in to one as I just said screw it, I am going to enjoy and do what I want. I woke up late, last night after I last wrote my entry, I made some changes in my view on things and it felt good. I am not going to go in to details on what those views where, let’s just say I am going to do what I think is best and if anyone doesn’t like it … screw them. Well, not as harsh as that but it’s time to just enjoy.

So, I sat here in front of the computer and decided I needed coffee. I headed to the local Starbucks and got my Ice Latte and was headed back to make something to eat. But on the way back, I just got the urge to do something different. The sub-woofer in my car went out a week ago and I love to listen to music. SO … it’s my day off, I have money; I headed off to the local Car-Toys to find out what was wrong with it.

After being challenged by the parking gods, I got inside and this really pleasant lady came up to help me. She got my information and then I drove the car around to their garage. Hmmm. The installer was kind of cute but didn’t seem too happy to be working on my car. I shrugged and went to the waiting room. Personality is far more attractive to me than looks.

As I sat there I kept thinking of the end of a Simpson’s episode where Homer is having work done on his car as the credits roll by. All you see is him sitting there with this look of boredom on his face, staring straight ahead with a twitch now and then. I don’t know why I found that so interesting but it kept me amused. They didn’t have any magazines just the local Seattle Times, so I sat there reading the articles. It’s been years since I have sat and read the paper. It was actually fun reading the various articles and felt oddly refreshing to read the paper instead of stare at a computer screen which is usually how I get the news.

Plus, as an added bonus, there where cute guys to watch, it was just nice to be out in the world. Thankfully the place wasn’t crowded which probably would have stressed me out. Eventually they found that my speaker was blown and I had to get a new one. Mr. Repair Boy (actually not a boy but maybe around my age (thirty-something)) came out to give me the bad news. Well, this round, he was rather charming and kind of funny in a low key kind of way. I had to get a new speaker, and well, when presented with any cute guy asking me to spend money I simply give in and do what I am told.

Once he finished the install, he came and got me. While the clerk filled out the paperwork and got my money he wandered around behind me, almost a bit too anxious to show me how the new speaker worked and what he’d done. We went out to the car and he got in the passenger side, I got in the drivers. Ok, can you say flustered! I couldn’t figure out how to turn on my own stereo, he just kept getting cuter and cuter as he talked. I made some stupid remark, "sorry, it’s been a long day." which I think he kind of laughed at as I am trying to hide my "Oh My God … He’s freaking cute and he’s sitting in my car" syndrome.

It was fun and as usual I was just too flustered, though I paid attention, he just seemed to be amused by me seeming an idiot as I tried to remember how my own stereo worked. He did finish (after what seemed an oddly long time to be shown how a speaker works) and though I did want to know more, I had totally forgotten my questions and it was all over. He did give me his card which I left in the car; it was really fun. I am probably just doing the wishful thinking thing but I swear he was flirting. Damn it, I got to learn to flirt back … he was so freaking cute once he warmed up. *sighs*

So after my fun at the store and with my new speaker, I decided I would drive around and try it out. Hehehe. So, I drove and drove and drove. He did an awesome job on the setup and really did adjust my system so that the music was much better. It was such an awesome relaxing time, I couldn’t stop. I got more coffee, something to munch on and kept going.

I had to get gas at one point and that’s when I realized I had a flat tire! Stupid airless tires, the sensors for the tires the car uses to track this information had been removed by the previous owner. They are airless and can run without air for a bit, I just wonder how long I have been running the one. I put in air and checked the rest of the tires. They all where pretty low so I guess it’s time to get new tires. Ugg. BUT wow, what a difference in handling. At least now I know what the car will act like when the air is low. Hey … that’s something.

So, I am in a good mood for a change but I have to admit, I’d rather be out driving still. I got home and well, all the things I need to worry about come rushing in with me. Perhaps it was the freedom of getting to do what I want or perhaps it was just not being here. I just don’t know, happy and having fun to trying to hold on to happy and having fun. I probably should call my Utah friend and see what he’s doing, keep the mood going … that or take a nap.