Northern California Road Trip

I love road trips. I can be in a car for hours, the world zipping by through the window. I still have my grand idea to drive from West to East Coast, I’ve even got the route planned. Someday I’ll do that one. I’ll try to post the route one of these days and see if anyone has suggestions.

However, when ever I run across a new and interesting route, I try to add it to my list. I saw this one pop up in some feed, or another, and had to add it to my list. The parks and scenery on this route look amazing, I think it needs to go on my must do list.

Check out the trip here with stops in Battery Point Light, Lava Beds National Monument, Lake Shasta, Turtle Bay, Empire State Park and a probably countless little towns and other neat attractions along the way.

Speaking of trips, anyone else do road trips and know a good app to use? Google Maps is fine and lets you plot a route, but trying to get that to show up in a the GPS is a nightmare or I find it limiting. I planned a neat trip to Oregon from Seattle a while back, by the 30th add to Google it stopped working.

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